Page 6 - Setting the Stage - Strategic Plan through 2024
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             1        Advance the artistic potential

                      of Stages

             STRATEGY #1                                           STRATEGY #3
             Create opportunities to attract an expanded pool      Appropriately resource artistic programming
             of artists.                                           and infrastructure.

             Tactics                                               Tactics
             •  Advertise in industry media.                       •  Establish and fund a production maintenance
             •  Participate in national industry conferences
                and career fairs.                                  •  Review and assess compensation of artists
                                                                      and technicians against peers.
             •  Participate in regional and national
                open calls, season auditions and technical         •  Increase expense budgets for physical
                interviews.                                           production.

             •  Create a digital database of all Houston-          •  Review production organizational chart and
                based artists relative to theater.                    staff appropriately.

                                                                   •  Develop ongoing capital investment program
                                                                      for new tools and resources.

             STRATEGY #2
             Develop strategic artistic partnerships.
                                                                   STRATEGY #4
                                                                   Develop approaches for reflection and learning.
             •  Co-produce with other arts organizations
                 (theater and other disciplines).                  Tactics

             •  Develop a micro internship program with one        •  Implement review process for Intrinsic
                 or more educational institution(s).                  Impact data.
                                                                   •  Undertake post-mortem following every

                                                                   •  Deliver anonymous assessment surveys for
                                                                      artists following engagement.

                                                                   •  Provide individual assessment and evaluation
                                                                      opportunities and resources for artists and
                                                                      technicians engaged by Stages.
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