Page 4 - Setting the Stage - Strategic Plan through 2024
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          OUR MISSION:                                             OUR CORE VALUES:

          Stages makes plays and tells stories                     COURAGE.

          that invite everyone to live more
          deeply and love more boldly. We hold                     GENEROSITY.

          up a mirror to our community in order                    INCLUSION.
          to crack open the question: “What

          does it mean to be human?”                               INTIMACY.

             WE BELIEVE:

             4 Theater strengthens our community.               4 People are at the center of our work

             4 In supporting artists and developing                 and we are committed to their growth
                 emerging talent.                                   and development.

             4 Intimacy is essential to forging                 4 In taking risks and creating space for
                 connections among artists, audiences               radical ideas and creative solutions.
                 and art.                                       4 In unending artistic inquiry.

             4 In bringing forward a bold scope of              4 We believe everyone deserves to be

                 programming that reflects the diverse              treated as fully human.
                 tastes and experiences of audiences.

          OUR VISION:

          Theater transforms community.  Stages’ acute focus on the growth of artists creates a

          theater that leads in the advancement of artists and practitioners, fostering the development
          of emerging talent and new work. Our resources are dedicated to lifting up artists and
          supporting a diverse, thriving arts community for Houston.

          By producing a broad scope of plays and musicals in an intimate setting, Stages nurtures
          an engaged and diverse patron base whose loyalty is unrivaled. Our commitment to
          personal relationship building is key to our success.

          Stages’ home, The Gordy, is a dynamic inclusive gathering place that expands creative
          expression and fuels human connection. Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion
          is experienced throughout the campus creating a home for all Houstonians to build
          community through the arts.
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