Page 7 - Setting the Stage - Strategic Plan through 2024
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6  STAGES  -  STRATEGIC PLAN THROUGH 2024                       STAGES  -  STRATEGIC PLAN THROUGH 2024           7

             2        Activate The Gordy as a hub for

                      theater in Houston

             STRATEGY #1                                           STRATEGY #3
             Develop enrichment programming, activities and        Develop and deliver alternative programming that
             events that create a welcoming gathering place        expands our traditional producing model.
             for artists and audiences.

             Tactics                                               •  Create a task force to explore alternative
             •  Create a program for use of space by other            programming.
                theater organizations and artists.
             •  Curate lobby experience by production.

             •  Develop pre-performance discussion program.        STRATEGY #4
             •  Develop a speaker series that would appeal         Provide access and engagement opportunities
                to artists and audiences.                          for Houston youth.

                                                                   •  Hire an Education Director.
             STRATEGY #2
             Share space, tools and knowledge with regional        •  Extend Young Artists Conservatory
                                                                      engagement via year-round programs and
             and national theater-makers.
                                                                      ongoing follow-up with past participants.
                                                                   •  Partner with theater arts education
             Tactics                                                  organizations.
             •  Host workshops and seminars for industry
                professionals.                                     •  Create a youth ambassador program.
             •  Further develop loan program for production

             •  Host local and national industry convenings.
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