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Yet in a few moments, you would  is always the place to start.  He is the CEO of Gethner Education,
         be riding like you were ten years  Remember, you never get hit by  Coaching  &  Consulting,  and  has
         old. Once you learn a skill, it can  the bus you see coming, so let’s  coached  hundreds of  students
         never  be  taken  away,  yes?  The  look both ways before we cross.      on  how  to  successfully  invest.  He
         bicycle might change colors, have                                        also  founded  and  actively  heads
         a new look, use a different metal,  Here’s  how  to  get  started:  up Networking REI, a thriving real
         even have bigger or smaller tires.  educate  yourself and let’s take  estate investing group that meets
         But at the end of the day if you  emotion  out  of  the  equation.  on a monthly basis.
         can  ride  a  bike,  you  can  ride  a  Take the time to invest in yourself
         bike.                               and your future. This is an area of  Over the years, Stuart has acquired
                                             your life that you should master  a great  deal of experience  in
         Ten years ago, there were plenty  and not dabble in.                     purchasing  with  cash,  traditional
         of properties to buy at a discount                                       financing,  seller  financing,  and
         and no one had the money.  Fast  The  benefits  will  last  you  a  hard  money  lending.  In  addition,
         forward ten years to today  and  lifetime, and it’s not hard to get  he  has  participated  in  Lease  /
         there  is  plenty  of  money  sitting  started  even  if  you  believe  you  Options,  Subject  To,  wholesaling,
         on  the  sidelines  waiting  for  have  no  time  and  no  money.  Fix-&-Flips, as well as his favorite:
         someone like you to invest with,  These excuses  will  keep  you  in  Buy & Holds.
         and I’d be delighted to show you  this same place in a  year from
         how.                                now. I don’t know about you, but  More  recently,  he  has  had  the
                                             I’m not getting any younger.         opportunity to  educate  off  stages
         Some  folks  have  tried  investing                                      nationally  and  internationally  on
         in  real  estate  and  had  a  bad  Remember:  there  are  two  great  the topic of Joint Ventures within
         experience.  My  friend  Ed  tried  times to invest in real estate: 20  Real Estate Investing.
         the fix-and-flip strategy and had  years ago and today.
         a  terrible  experience.  He  made                                       In Stuart’s ideology, every day is
         the  simple  mistake of over-                                            a  GREAT  day  to  be  a  real  estate
         improving  the property  for  the                                        investor and we’re here to help you
         neighborhood.  Ed’s  challenge  Stuart Gethner is a seasoned Real  create YOUR success!
         was  getting  his  asking  price  Estate Investor who has personally
         because he spent way too much.  invested in over 10 million dollars  You can learn more about Stuart at
         The house sat on the market  in            single-family    residences,
         for months. When it finally sold,  commercial  properties,  industrial
         he called and said, “This  stupid  complexes, land opportunities, and
         strategy doesn’t work. It probably  hard-money lending transactions.
         only  works  on  TV.  I’m never
         doing it  again.”   And he never  He’s  successfully  partnered  to
         did.  Please note in any investing  own three  thriving  independent
         strategy, one is either making  Pharmacies, owned a franchise, and
         money or getting an education.      has joint  ventured  with students
                                             and investors all over the world on
         Most  people  major  in  minor  various business opportunities.
         things. They know more about the
         celebrity going in and out of rehab  Nearly from  the  start of his
         than their own personal finances.  investing  tenure,  Stuart  has  been
         Don’t  confuse movement  with  educating others how to find deals
         achievement. Educating yourself  and properly execute on them.
         on the particulars of any venture

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