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Notes From The Publisher

                                                                          by Robert W. Jones

            Welcome to the third edition of iNetrepreneur Magazine!

            First, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of Network Together, the growth we have
            experienced, and the creation of this magazine. None of this would be possible without the loyal
            support of our members, guests, and facilitators who faithfully run and attend each of our weekly

            This quarter’s issue features Brandon Barnum on the cover. Our editor, Brian K. Wright, interviewed
            him and they discussed a lot of great topics, including how we can use A.I. to increase sales in our
            businesses, how understanding a customer’s B.A.N.K.code can help us tailor a sales presentation to
            a specific prospect, an impressive case study for how well this technology works, and more.

            This issue also features an article with Sharon Lechter. Brian also interviewed her and their discussion
            about the power of women in the new economy was insightful. Topics of discussion included how
            women may define success differently than men, the importance of women owning their power, and
            how women are starting businesses at an increasing rate.

            Next, Olympic gymnast Jonathan Horton discusses how we can develop Olympic habits. The things
            he discusses can be easily applied to all of us no matter what our area of expertise is in.

            Other articles in this issue include the importance of being involved in a great mastermind and how
            they can change our businesses for the better, building an empire of social proof, the seven top IP
            mistakes that personal coaches make, the ultimate goal of digital marketing, and so much more.

            I hope you enjoy this issue as much as my team and I enjoyed putting it together.

            To your success,

            Robert W. Jones

            Founder, Network Together
            Publisher, iNetrepreneur Magazine

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