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In  your  LinkedIn  profile,  Brian,  I  Brandon:    We got a success story
        can click once, and it will decipher  recently.  We  know  a  printer  that  Brandon Barnum is a  visionary
        your  BANKcode  based  on  your  started running all of his proposals  executive  who  has  been  building
        “About” section.                     through the  AI and matching  technology  platforms  and  business
                                             his proposals to the prospects’  optimization  systems  for  over  22
        As I scroll through  your LinkedIn  personality code, and he increased  years.  As Co-Founder and President
        profile,  Brian,  your  Action  comes  his  conversion  rate  from  44%  to  of,  Brandon  built  the
        through    first   and   foremost,  87% in 30 days’ time. So it almost  world’s largest referral network with
        followed  by  your  Blueprint.  And  doubled.                             over 5 million members in over 200
        again, this is based on your “About”                                      countries.
        section.  By  knowing  someone’s  Brian:     That is absolutely amazing.
        BANKcode  style,  you’re  able  to  Who is  your ideal client for  Most recently, Brandon served
        utilize the words to speak to them  someone like this? What clientele  as  interim  CEO of  Codebreaker
        that most accurately connects.       do you typically focus on?           Technologies where he helped build
                                                                                  and launch Codebreaker  AI,  the
        With a second click, I can save all  Brandon:   Performance Partners  world’s  first  personality-based  AI
        of your  LinkedIn  information  and  really focuses on life sciences,  for  sales.    Codebreaker  AI  creates
        your  contact  information  directly  including  dentists  and  dental  instant empathy and helps Business
        here  into  our  BANKcode  CRM  practitioners,  which  is  one  of  Owners and Sales Professionals
        system  that we’ve  built.  It  allows  our  specialties. We  also  help  any  close  more  sales  in  less  time  by
        you to instantly see someone’s full  business  owners  that  focus  on  customizing their presentations and
        code. Or, if you’re in their contact  sales.  They either have a sales  conversations  for  each  prospect’s
        record,  you  can just  hover over  team, where those individual sales  unique buying style.
        each of the four personality styles  agents can  utilize  the  technology
        on your screen so that when you’re  on  a  subscription  basis,  or  we  This revolutionary technology helps
        on the phone with them, you can  provide coaching directly for the  you  quickly  crack  the personality
        use the right language that leads  owners or the sales team itself  code  of  your prospects  to increase
        to “yes”.                            so  that  they  can  bankify  their  conversion rates  up  to 300%
                                             business.                            consistently  and  predictably.  By
        In  addition,    we  have  what  we                                       customizing your sales approach for
        call  BANKpass,  and  it’s  a  self-  Brian:    Fantastic.  It  sounds  like  each prospect’s BANKCODE,  you
        assessment that business owners  the  potential  for  this  is  really  instantly increase  rapport,  serve
        can integrate into their marketing  incredible for someone who wants  your clients better and save everyone
        funnels. That way their prospects  to up-level their sales. How can  time, while closing more sales.
        simply drag and drop their own  someone  find  you  and  possibly
        personal  bank  code.  And  then  work with you?                          Since  building  this  revolutionary
        when they do, they opt in and                                             sales  technology,  Brandon has
        that  will send  them  a custom  Brandon:  Elevatingperformance.          joined  Performance  Partners as
        BANKcode  report  so  that  they  com  is  our  website  address.  Chairman  to empower and elevate
        understand their own personality  People can find information about  performance for business owners
        style. I would recommend you do  our company,  what  we do, and  globally.
        it, by the way, because what you  our  whole assortment  of service
        see is pretty interesting.           offerings there.                     Brandon  understands that  the
                                                                                  fastest  path  to real  wealth comes
        If  anyone wants  help  walking  Brian:   Awesome.  Thank  you  for  through          communication      and
        through that, we would be glad to  being  here,  Brandon.  This  was  collaboration  and  is  on  a  mission
        talk to them about it.               really fun.                          to  increase  income,  influence  and
                                                                                  impact for all.
        Brian:    Wow! I’m sure  you have  Brandon: You’re  welcome,  my
        case studies all day long. Is there  pleasure.                            To explore integrating Codebreaker
        one  really  memorable  case  study                                       AI into your business or sales
        that this methodology made a                                              organization, please visit
        huge  difference  in  getting  a  sale                          
        that you’d like to share?

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