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I made an elaborate schedule and I  me  about  being  their  lead  color
        followed it to the letter. I got grief  commentator for the  livestream  of
        from friends who thought I needed  the Olympic Games. Since I couldn’t
        to  live  it  up  a  little.  To  be  honest,  go as a competitor, I said yes  to the
        every now and then  I fell into the  opportunity.
        trap. But the consequences of those
        choices showed up at my gymnastics  So  again,  find  the  good  in  every
        workouts, so I kept reminding myself  situation.  When  you  focus  on  the
        of the big picture—Olympics!         good, more good will come your way.
                                             I  really  believe  that  I  am  stronger
        Visualize Your Ideal Result          mentally and physically for having
                                             that  whole experience. It  gave me
        Before every training or competition,  a chance to work on my skills as a
        I visualized what my perfect  result  speaker, and I travel a lot  for that
        would  be,  and  I  would  play  it  like  now. I also spend time working with
        a  movie  in  my  head.  Practice  like  kids now as well. I feel like there is
        you compete, and compete like  an awesome responsibility that goes
        you practice. There are two things I  with being an Olympian, and I enjoy
        always did before a routine. I would  giving back to the sport.
        kneel down in prayer as I am a man
        of faith and know that God can help  Have Non-Negotiables
        me  in  any  situation.  I  would  also
        visualize  my  routine  in  my  head,  In order to experience the highest
        executing every move perfectly, and  levels of success, you must identify
        sticking the perfect dismount at the  those  things  which  you  will  NOT
        end. As soon as I finished my routine  tolerate in your life. For example, I
        in my head, I walked up to the mat, I  don’t put up with lazy people. More
        raised my hand, and I would go.      specifically,  when  I  see  someone
                                             with  a  lot  of  potential  and  they  Olympic-caliber success is available
        Turn Lemons Into Lemonade            refuse  to  cultivate  it,  that  speaks  to  you as  well.  Find  your  zone
                                             volumes  to  me  about  the  type  of  of genius,  do the  things  highly
        I  wanted to qualify for a third  person they are. When I work with  successful people do, and enjoy the
        Olympics.  The 2008 Games  in  gymnastics  kids  and  I  see  a  guy  benefits.
        Beijing  were  awesome,  but  the  who  has  the  right  build,  the  right
        2012 Games in London didn’t  go  size, and great talent, I believe it is
        as  well for me  or the  team,  so I  a  waste  for someone like that not  Jonathan  Horton  is  a  two-time
        had  the  incentive  to  try  one  more  to take advantage of it. I hate to see  Olympian  in  men’s  gymnastics,
        time.  As  I  was  preparing  for  the  unused potential.                 winning two medals. He is also
        2016 Rio Olympics, I was practicing                                       the  author  of  two  books,  “If  I
        one day about nine months before  I’m  willing  to work with  someone  Had Known”, and his recent
        the Games. I was doing a pommel  with  less  talent  but  is  willing  to  autobiography,  “Falling  Forward:
        horse routine, and my shoulder just  give everything they have,  versus  How  An  Ordinary  Kid Failed  His
        exploded on me. It was a full rupture  someone with all of the talent in the  Way to His Olympic Dream”.
        of the rotator cuff. I knew what had  world who only gives 10% of their
        happened immediately,  and  the  effort.                                  To  connect  with  Jonathan  Horton,
        doctors confirmed that the recovery                                       find  him  on  Twitter  @J-Horton11
        would  be  a  year  long  process.  These  habits  can  be  developed  by  and on Facebook. He also competes
        This meant  missing  the  Olympics,  anyone,  and  success  is  available  to  on American Ninja Warrior on NBC,
        and I  was crushed.  Through  it  all,  everyone  who diligently seeks it. I  and  he  is  available  to  speak  at
        I  remembered  that  everything  was  blessed  to  have  the  athletic  corporate and student events.
        happens  for a reason. In this  case,  career that I had, but it came with a
        that proved to be true. One of my  lot of hard work and sacrifice.
        dreams was to be a broadcaster for
        gymnastics,  and  NBC  approached

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