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Masterminds -

                                                               The Greatest Force

                                                               For Good In Business

                                                               or A Total Rip-Off?

                                                               by Steve Sipress

        Since the legend of the Knights of the Round Table, masterminds have played a key role in business. Napoleon Hill
        famously described it as the key to business and personal success in his classic book, Think & Grow Rich.
        And yet most business leaders and entrepreneurs are not even a member of one single mastermind, let alone two
        or three.

        Simply put, done right they are the greatest force for good in business. The problem is that most masterminds are
        not done right.

        Allow me to explain the five key reasons and offer you a personal challenge to put this to the test.

        So  what  are  the  five  keys  to  a  trust. Cyber masterminds can do  more seriously. And the opposite
        great mastermind?                    this, but it’s a lot more work for  happens  for cheap  or free
                                             the  facilitator, and it’s so easy  masterminds. They typically start
        Great question! As I’ve seen over  for participants to get distracted.  strong, then slowly decline. If the
        the last 35+ years of building and  We  have  found face-to-face  financial cost is low, more people
        scaling  businesses,  and  running  produces by far the best results,  skip calls or tackle “fire-fighting”
        and  participating  in  dozens  of  especially  if  you meet twice  a  instead  of  attending.  Should  it
        high-end masterminds, here they  month. There is extra energy and  be that way? No. Is it that way?
        are:                                 creativity  when  eight  to  twelve  Unfortunately, yes.
                                             other minds are focused  on
        * Building high-trust relationships;  helping  you  solve  your  biggest  #3 - True Accountability
        * Paying real money to play;         problems  and  challenges.  And
        * True accountability;               you so appreciate their help.       One  of  the  most  significant
        *Systems-based (not guru-based)                                          factors for great  mastermind
           masterminds; and                  #2 - Paying Real Money To Play      success  is  multiple  layers  of
        * Guaranteeing results.                                                  accountability.  The  reality  is
                                             While we love any masterminds,  that most of us don’t always do
        Let’s dig into each of these...      including  free ones among  what we say we’re going to do.
                                             friends,  our experience is that  Especially  business  leaders  and
        #1  -  Building  High  Trust  “we  value what we  pay  for.”  entrepreneurs.  Just  think  about
        Relationships                        Nowhere is that more true than  your last month. Have you ever
                                             with  masterminds. If  you invest  lost focus on your top priorities
        Live,   in-person    masterminds     so much  that  you  must  get  a  because of outside influences?
        speed up the process of building  return on your time, you’ll treat it

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