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So,  how  do  you capture  more  There are several mediums  you  managing a 300 person sales force
        social  proof from  your clients?  can  use  to capture more social  that  generated  over  8,000  new
        First and foremost,  frame the  proof. One way is to get a written  clients each month.
        relationship with the expectation  review. This is a good way to do
        that when you deliver what you  it but make sure that you get a  Eventually Troy  left  the  corporate
        promise, that  you  would  like to  picture from them as well so that  world and started several successful
        capture  their  review  as  part of  you can give a face to the written  marketing  companies  including
        your social proof.  What does  review.  The more personal  you  WebForce  Pro  and  onTop  local
        that mean? You must prime your  can make it the more believable  which  have helped  thousands  of
        client  in  the  beginning  that you  it will be.                        small business owners around the
        want to capture their experience                                         world  dominate  their  competition
        with  your product  or service.  The very best thing you can do  online and drive record growth in
        What  you  are  doing  is  setting  is get a video from your clients.  their  businesses  by  disrupting  the
        the  expectation  of  what  they  Google didn’t spend over a billion  idea of traditional online marketing.
        are going to get, and setting that  dollars  on  YouTube  because
        expectation  of  what  they  are  they thought it  was cool, they  Troy’s current project and passion is
        going to do for you in return. By  did  it  because  they  knew video  another industry disruptor in online
        doing  this  they  will  be  excited  was one of the most  powerful  reviews and referrals. He launched
        to give the  social  proof at  the  forms of communication on the  SoTellUs,  the  world’s  only  review
        end when you deliver what you  internet.  Video is the fastest  platform  that  let’s  businesses
        promised.                            way to connect  with  a person  instantly collect  video, audio,
                                             and create an emotion in them.  and  written  reviews  from  their
        I cannot say this enough: If you  Just  imagine  how  powerful  and  customers using an app in less than
        do  not  talk  about  capturing  convincing  a  video review from  30 seconds. The very best reviews
        social proof from your clients in  your  best  client  would  be  in  are automatically marketed online
        the beginning, then they may not  getting  potential  clients  to  sign  for the  businesses’ through  their
        feel the commitment to give it to  up for your services?                 website,  social  media  sites  and
        you after you deliver the results.                                       search  engines.  This  combination
        I want you to think about doing it  The top businesses in the world  of  video  reviews, powerful  review
        daily because if you are touching  have not only mastered the  marketing and automated referral
        two or three clients a day, why  capture of social proof, they have  system has started to change the
        wouldn’t you ask to capture their  perfected the dissemination of it  review industry as we know it.
        recent success stories? It holds  through all of their marketing. So
        you  accountable  for  your  work  get out there and start capturing
        and  creates  the most powerful  your social proof today!
        marketing you can gather.

        How should you ask your clients
        to share their review?  The best  Troy      Howard’s     passion    for
        way is to do it  in person.  That  combining        technology     and
        is going to get  you the most  marketing has been a driving force
        convincing social proof. Being  in his life, leading him from selling
        present with  the  person will  Yellow  Page  ads,  to  an  executive
        create  more  excitement and  of a publicly traded company, and
        emotion.  If  you  cannot  do  it  in  ultimately an entrepreneur.
        person, then you should call the
        client and ask for them to do it  Troy started his sales and marketing
        right away and send it to  you.  career as a project  manager for
        Calling them  will  create that  YP.Com,  one  of  the  largest  online
        connection with them again and  directories producing nearly $100
        will help motivate them to do it  million  in  revenue  annually.  Over
        for you.                             the next few years, Troy moved up
                                             in the  company to Vice  President
                                             of  Operations  and  Marketing

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