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How To Build An

                                                                    Empire Using

                                                                    Social Proof

                                                                    by Troy Howard

        I have been blessed over the past  How  do  we  take  the power  of  saying  about  you.  That  is  why
        20 years to work with over 4,000  referrals from one-to-one to one-       it is  so  important to  make  sure
        businesses in 23 countries. I have  to-many? How do we bring it to  that  you have social proof and
        helped the very best of them grow  the masses? That is what we call  positive  reviews  on  third  party
        their client base from a handful  social proof and the best business  sites.
        of customers to hundreds,  owners in the world leverage the
        from small monthly revenues  power of it to attract new clients  Second,  when  potential  clients
        to  millions.  Even  though  these  daily, because once you capture  see  your social  proof they  will
        top businesses work in different  it you can share it a million times.  begin to trust you. Trust is one of
        areas and industries,  there is  The most  common  forms of  the key components in a business
        one  marketing  strategy  that  all  social proof are expert or industry  relationship.  If  your  potential
        of them have used to accelerate  proof,  celebrity  endorsement,  client does  not trust  you, then
        their growth.    What  would  you  and user social proof in the form  they  will  never  buy  from  you.
        guess it is?                         of testimonials and reviews.  As a  That is why building trust through
                                             business owner, are you utilizing  social proof and the success of
        For most  people,  they  would  this marketing strategy? Are you  your existing clients is crucial.
        answer  word of mouth or  capturing  the success stories of
        referrals. That is a good answer  your clients and using them in all  Finally, nine out  of ten people
        and  would apply to most  of your marketing?                              said  they  would spend more
        businesses,  but  there  is  a  fatal                                     money for a superior experience
        flaw  in  referrals  which  can  The most powerful form of social  or result.  Are  you  seeing the
        limit  growth.  The  flaw  is  that  a  proof  is  reviews.    First, 88% of  pattern  here?  Social  proof  is
        referral  is  usually  a  one-to-one  people believe a review is as good  nearly as good as a personal
        conversation. You spend all of this  as  a  personal  recommendation  recommendation  from  a  friend.
        time and energy creating success  from a family member or a friend.  It builds trust with the potential
        for  your client, and if  you are  They want  to  hear what  your  client convincing them they will
        lucky they share that experience  clients are saying about you and  have a superior experience or
        with one person. If you are really  they  want to  see  your  clients’  result by using you which means
        lucky they might share it  with  results. In fact, 70% of them will  they will pay more for it. That is
        two  or  three  people,  but  when  not only check your website and  why  social proof  generates  not
        your client stops sharing their  social media for social proof, they  only  more  clients  but  higher
        experience the referrals end.        will actually research you online  paying clients as well.
                                             to see what third party sites are

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