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Have you ever “lost  a morning”  biggest  single  way  to  measure  Steve Sipress is  the  founder and
        with  silly social  media  or news  if the mastermind really  works  President of Successful Selling
        of  the  day  distractions?  Have  or  is  likely  a  rip-off.  They’ll  say   Systems,  Inc.,  and  is  widely
        you ever skipped  a  workout  things like “we can’t control what          recognized  as  one  of  the  world’s
        or a healthy meal,  promising  you do” or “there is no  way to            highest-paid and most-respected
        yourself you’ll do that tomorrow?  guarantee  your  effort”  or  even     small business consultants and
        Welcome to the real  world. So  worse “there are no guarantees            mastermind group leaders.
        in a great mastermind you need  in life.”  All cover  for their lack
        multiple  layers  of  accountability  of commitment to your success.
        built  in.  We  call  it  “Success  Any great mastermind can build        Over  the  past 35+  years, he  has
        Partners”  because  they’re  key  in  skills,  accountability,  and       created  and  built  over  a  dozen
        to  your  success,  and  we  have  mentorship. These are the keys.        successful  companies,  and has
        them  meet each  week for a  And  with that, they can, and                consistently helped  his clients
        short  15-minute  accountability  should, link payments to results.  improve their incomes and lifestyles
        call, on-line via Zoom Video. It’s  In our most popular mastermind,  by  teaching  and  implementing
        amazing how much this one step  75% of the payment is linked  innovative,  out-of-the-box  sales,
        produces  tangible  results  each  to results,  and that result is an     marketing,  and  general  business
        week on its own. And this is just  additional  $250,000  dollars  in      strategies  that  work far beyond
        one  of  the  layers  we  build  into  sales. It’s doable, and you should   anyone’s  expectations,  in  every
        our masterminds.                     expect no less.                      conceivable industry and situation,

                                                                                  and no matter what the state of the
        #4  -  Systems-Based  Not  Guru-     Your Challenge
        Based Masterminds                                                         economy, or the time of year, or the
                                             If  you’re  a  business  leader  or   physical location of the business.
        When  it  comes  to  scalable,  entrepreneur in the  Phoenix/
        sustainable  results,  the  best  Scottsdale  area,  allow  me  to        He  is  the  creator  of  The  WOW!
        masterminds  are  about  the  show you exactly how powerful               Strategy™ - How To Solve ALL Of
        program  and  the  participants  this  is, on me.  We run regular  Your Small Business  Sales  And
        being    the    stars,   not   the  Workshops called Earn Twice As  Marketing Problems, which he has
        mastermind  leader.  Guru-based  Much With Half The Stress across  used  to help  thousands  of small
        masterminds,  where  you pay a  the Valley. Tickets are $500 for a        business  owners,  has  taught  in
        ton  of  money  to  hang  with the  hands-on, three-hour Workshop         high-level workshops, and is about
        “rock star entrepreneur” and rub  where  you get to experience a          to be published as his 27th book.
        shoulders may feed  your ego,  mastermind  on the  spot.  And
        but they rarely feed your bottom  worth every penny.                      Steve  has  written  numerous
        line.  They’re not even designed
        to do so.  That’s not saying  Allow me to treat you to a VIP              articles on sales and marketing for
        they’re not fun,  and of course,  ticket  on  me,  for  you  and  an      a  wide  range  of  publications,  has
        you can meet fascinating people  entrepreneur guest  so  that  you        appeared on radio and television, is
        in  those  settings.  But  that’s  can  experience  first-hand  the       an accomplished and entertaining
        totally different than measurable  power of a great  mastermind           speaker, and has a following of tens
        sales results.  Plan them  in  your  session. Just call or text my cell  of thousands of raving fans online
        entertainment budget—not your  at 630-835-4695 and let’s chat.  and off.
        business  development  budget.  Or go to to
        Instead, look for masterminds  choose a day and time that works           He  has  earned  the  nickname
        that  have proven systems  of  for  you on my personal online             “Straight-Talk  Steve”  for  his  no-
        getting results.                     calendar.                            nonsense,         results-oriented,
                                                                                  problem-solving    approach     to
        #5 - Guaranteeing Results            ------------------                   business and success.

        Finally,  and  frankly,  the  biggest
        one  that separates  the “wheat”
        from  the  “chaff”  is  does  the
        mastermind  link  your payment
        to  your results?  This is the

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