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Build Real Wealth The

                                                                Money Multiplier Way

                                                                                        by Brent Kesler

                                                                Einstein  once  said,  “Compound  interest  is  the  eighth
                                                                wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he
                                                                who doesn’t … pays it.” And when someone with a brain
                                                                that powerful and with knowledge that brilliant tells
                                                                me to pay attention, guess what I’m going to do–pay

        What he’s really saying is this: There is  else  you  need  (groceries,  housing,  When you’re ready to get started on
        more to spending and earning money  water/electric bill, etc).            creating  your  financial  legacy  or  if
        than meets the eye.  We are taught                                        you  have  more  questions,  email  us
        (wrong)  to  think  about  money  one  Here  is  what  you  should  be  doing  at,  or
        way: Money is necessary to live. You  instead: You have $1 in your pocket.  give us a call at 386-456-9335, and
        must work to earn it, only to spend  You  use that  $1 on a contract that  one of our money mentors will be in
        it on things you need. But once that  guarantees  you  4%  uninterrupted  touch with you.
        money is spent,  it’s gone forever,  growth  each  year.  And  that  4%
        right? It doesn’t have to be. Not with  growth ensures that  you can  watch
        The  Money  Multiplier  Method  at  your money grow while still using it on  Brent Kesler  was a Chiropractor and
        work.                                what you need and leaving it to your  Chiropractic coach for over 14 years (in
                                             family  legacy  all  at  the  same  time.  what seems like a previous life at  this
        Robert  Kiyosaki,  mentor  to  the  This is how true  wealth is acquired.  point).  After  implementing  The  Money
        millionaires and author of Rich Dad  And  this  is  exactly  how  The  Money  Multiplier (TMM) Method, he was able
        Poor Dad, has explained one crucial  Multiplier operates: it gives you a real  to pay off $984,711 in 3rd party debt
        difference between the rich and the  place to put your money, guaranteeing  in 39 months. He became so passionate
        poor. He says, “The poor and the  at least 4% growth, while still having  about how powerful this concept was,
        middle-class work for money. The rich  access  to  that  money  and  creating  he began to share it with others. It was
        have money work for them.” Kiyosaki  generational wealth.                 when his previous mentor told him that
        points out that the poor spend their                                      he had successfully referred over 41 new
        hard-earned money on expenses and  The  Money  Multiplier  is  an  asset.  clients into the system, that he took his
        liabilities,  things  that  take  money  When  used,  it  can  bring you  lasting  mentor’s advice and started the journey
        out  of their pockets.  The rich and  wealth  without changing  your cash  to  becoming  a  licensed  producer.  His
        the wealthy, rather, spend money on  flow, requiring you to work any harder,  main goal in making  this move  was
        assets  and  things  that  bring  them  taking on any additional risk, or losing  simply to help more people understand
        more money.                          control of your finances. It’s what the  how to manage and grow their wealth.
                                             wealthy use and have been using for
        That’s what The Money Multiplier is.  over 200 years. Maybe it’s time you  For the last 5 plus years, he have been
        It’s a machine, or a process, that keeps  saw what it can do for you, too.  lecturing to thousands of people around
        your money in your pocket. The first                                      the  country on  the  dynamics of  the
        rule of the wealthy that most people  To  learn  more  about  this  method  TMM Method and helping individuals to
        aren’t  taught  is  that  to  be  wealthy,  and  what  it  can do for  you,  please  break the bonds of financial slavery and
        you must buy assets first.           visit  ,  taking control of their own financial life.
                                             scroll to the very bottom and click on  He has a passionate belief that whether
        Here is what you’re doing: You have  “Member  Area.”  Enter  the  password  you make $10/hour or $10,000/hour,
        $1 in your pocket. Traditional financial  “bankwithbrent”  and  watch  the  you should know and have this powerful
        knowledge tells you to spend that $1  presentation that appears on the next  information  and  keep  control  of  your
        on something you need and work for  page.                                 own money.
        another dollar to spend on something
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