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Part  of owning  the  power is                                            opportunity to stop the complaining
        understanding that if you take care of                                    and criticizing, and start celebrating.
        yourself first—if I’m a better Sharon,                                    It’s a  way to create and paint  the
        then I will be a better mother, I’ll be a                                 picture you want in your life and go
        better wife, a better entrepreneur, a                                     for it.
        better author. And that is something
        that’s truly is hugely important                                          Brian:  How can we find your book?
        in  getting  across.  One  of  the  top
        issues today for women is a lack of                                       Sharon:  The  book  is  available
        self-confidence,  so  I  talked  about                                    through Amazon, Barnes and Noble,
        how you deal with that. Instead of                                        and at your local bookstore or at my
        me just  relying on myself, let me                                        website
        get together with a couple of other
        women  leaders  and  we’ll  be  each                                      Brian: Thank you, Sharon, for being
        other’s  greatest  advocate  until  we                                    here.
        get  that  self-confidence  where  it
        needs  to  be.  When  you  combine                                        Sharon  Lechter  is  the  founder  and
        your power  with  other powerful                                          CEO  of Pay  Your Family First,  a
        women, and watch out.                                                     financial education organization, and
                                                                                  YOUTHpreneur,  an  innovative  new
        Brian:  You’ve pointed out in  your                                       way to spark the entrepreneurial spirit
        book  that  women  are  starting                                          in our children.
        businesses at an increasing rate. Do
        you think that women have inherent                                        Sharon  was  appointed  to  the  first
        advantages as business owners and  their own business, they have more  President’s  Advisory Council on
        their place in the global economy?   control over the  one resource  we  Financial Literacy. The Council served
                                             can  never  get  back,  which  is  our  both  President  Bush  and President
        Sharon: They are essential. Warren  time.  Certainly  today,  there  are  Obama advising them on the need for
        Buffett said the number one impact  fewer  brick  and  mortar  businesses  financial literacy education.
        on  investing  in  the  next  decade  and many more that are online, so
        is  going  to  be  women  entering  women can  work from home. It’s  Sharon is an entrepreneur,  author,
        the  workforce,  having  their  own  conducive  to women who want  to  philanthropist, educator, international
        businesses, and the economic power  make sure that they can have their  speaker, licensed CPA, Chartered
        they hold.  Women already control  family,  have  their  business,    and  Global  Management     Accountant
        60% of  the personal net  worth in  make sure that they are present at  and, most importantly a mother and
        the United States, so we already are  all times.                          grandmother.
        the  major  economic  influence.  We
        make 85% of all consumer decisions,  Brian: I think  a lot  of people  In 1997,  Sharon co-authored  the
        2 out of every 3 new businesses in  automatically assume that this is a  international bestseller Rich Dad Poor
        America are started by women. A lot  book for women. Do you find that  Dad, along with 14 other books in the
        people think it’s because women get  men are reading this book and giving  Rich Dad series. And for over 10 years
        frustrated with the glass ceiling and  feedback about it, too?            as CEO she led the Rich Dad Company
        go out and start their own business.                                      and  brand  into  an  international
        That’s certainly part of it.         Sharon:  I’m  getting  great  feedback  powerhouse. In 2008, she was asked
                                             from  men.  They’re  talking  about  by  the  Napoleon  Hill  Foundation
        Women  are  great  problem  solvers,  how it helps them understand their  to  help  re-energize  the  powerful
        Brian, and the greatest way to start  wives more. So many men buy the  teachings of Napoleon Hill just as the
        a new business is to solve a problem  book for their daughters, and say I  international  economy  was  faltering.
        or serve a need, then start making  want to make sure my daughter gets  Her  bestselling  books,  “Three  Feet
        money  doing  it.  Many  women  are  this  kind  of wealth  of  information.  from Gold”, “Outwitting the Devil”, and
        dedicated to having their children as  It’s so important to have them not  “Think  and  Grown  Rich  For  Women”
        part of their businesses and having  listen  to  all  the  negativity,  but  to  were  all  written  in  cooperation  with
        flexibility  over  their  time—they  really understand there so much for  the Napoleon Hill Foundation.
        don’t want to have a job. By having   us to be proud of. There is so much

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