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b) Adhering Members:

                            There may be several Adhering Members in the same Country.
                            Adhering Members fall under three categories: Regional or Local, who shall
                            respectively pay a membership fee (R) or (L) and Individual Members who are
                            the  persons,  professional  photographers  or  amateurs  affiliated  with  an
                            Operational  Member  for  as  long  as  they  maintain  the  status  of  affiliates.
                            Individual adhering members pay no fee.

                     c) Honorary Members:
                            On  proposal  of  the  Directory  Board,  and  on  an  exceptional  basis,  the
                            Congress may grant an ‘Honorary Membership’, for life to any person having
                            contributed exceptionally to the development of FIAP. Honorary Members pay
                            no  fee.  Persons  having  served  on  the  Directory  Board  for  at  least  two
                            mandates are automatically appointed Honorary Members; they shall bear the
                            honorary  title  of  their  highest  mandate.  The  Honorary  Member  title  may  be
                            withdrawn by the Directory Board in case of grave dereliction to the detriment
                            of FIAP.

                     2.1.1.   Operational Members or Adhering Members who organise a Fair will pay an
                             additional Patronage fee (P) to FIAP.

                     2.1.2.   Adhering Individual Members may request a FIAP Photographer's Card (valid
                             for  life).  The  request  must  be  addressed  to  FIAP  through  an  Operational
                             Member,  when  possible.  This  card  is  mandatory  for  applicants  to  FIAP
                             photographic distinctions.

               2.2. Rights and obligations of Members

                     2.2.1.   Operational Members are represented in each Country by a Liaison Officer
                             appointed  by  the  Operational  Member.  Local  or  Regional  Adhering
                             Members are represented by a FIAP contact person.

                     2.2.2.   Operational  Members  and  Regional  and  Local  Members  will  periodically
                             receive information from FIAP.

                     2.2.3.   On their part, Operational Members undertake to promote all the initiatives of
                             FIAPand those of other Operational Members affiliated withFIAP and to meet
                             the following obligations towards FIAP:

                             a) produce a copy of their statutes and regulations, publications and important

                             b) submit the list of their directors, with mention of the name of the Liason
                                Officer in charge of corresponding with FIAP;

                             c) periodically inform FIAP of their activities and send a copy of each edition of
                                 their magazine or newsletter to its library;

                             d) pay the annual fee before 30 April.
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