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condition  that  the  necessary  simultaneous  interpretation  is  provided.  All  the  official
                     delegates shall attend the administrative meetings of the Assembly, as well as all the
                     persons who play a role in the administration of FIAP. Other persons may be invited to
                     attend administrative meetings by the  Directory Board. Each Member is free in the
                     choice and number of delegates, but the number of delegates actively participating in
                     the  administrative  sessions  of  the  Assembly  shall  not  exceed  three  Operational
                     Members  and one  Regional  or  Local  Member.  The  right  to  speak and the  right  to
                     vote  are  restricted  to  Operational  Members,  who  may  chose  one  spokesperson,
                     designated prior to the commencement of the proceedings. The latter will attend the
                     opening of the administrative session of the Assembly with an official voting card. Only
                     Operational Members may suggest a candidate to the Directory Board of FIAP.

               3.2.   Any member may request the convening of the General Assembly or of the Congress
                     of  FIAP.  The  request  must  be  addressed  to  the  Directory  Board  through  an
                     Operational Member of that Country, when applicable.

               3.3.   The  agenda  of  administrative  meetings  of  the  General  Assembly  must  include  the
                     following points:

                     3.3.1.   election of at least two Scrutineers for the duration of the Assembly
                     3.3.2.   approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
                     3.3.3.   affiliation of new Operational Members
                     3.3.4.  removal of operational members, under the proposal of the Directory Board
                     3.3.5.   presentation of the balance sheet, accounts of revenue and expenditure and the
                            proposed budget for the next fiscal year by the Treasurer
                     3.3.6   report of the Auditors and approval of accounts
                     3.3.7   election of auditors

               3.4. All items on the agenda must be addressed during the Assembly.

               3.5.   Any  motion or  communication  to  be  submitted  to  the  Assembly  must be  sent  to  the
                     Chairperson at the latest 4 months before the meeting.

               3.6.   The  Chairperson  shall give the floor  to the  delegates and,  where  appropriate,  to  the
                     persons invited. The decisions taken at the Assembly will come into force immediately
                     after the publication of the minutes of the meeting, at the latest six months after the
                     Assembly, unless the Assembly decides otherwise.

               3.7.   When an Assembly is convened, the same rules of a General Assembly apply unless
                     the agenda of administrative meetings also includes the following points:

                    3.7.1.   report by the Chairperson
                    3.7.2.   report by the Secretary-General during the period following the previous
                    3.7.3.   reports by service executives to be presented in writing
                    3.7.4.   reports by the Chairmen of Committees to be presented in writing
                    3.7.5.   motions submitted within the prescribed time limits provided for by the articles of
                            the Statutes
                    3.7.6.   election of members on the Directory Board
                    3.7.7.   establishing the place and date of the next Congress.

               4. DIRECTORY BOARD
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