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5.5.   Youth  activities  are  managed  by  the  Youth  Service,  which  organizes  the  Youth
                     Biennial governed by the document on Biennials.

               5.6. Audiovisual activities are managed by the Audiovisual Service.

               5.7.   Relations with Unesco are managed by the Unesco Service.

               5.8.   The promotion of FIAP is managed by the Marketing Service.

               5.9.   The Club World Cup is managed by the Club World Cup Service. It is governed by the
                     document on the Club World Cup.

               5.10.  FIAP  photographer  cards  are  managed  by  the  FIAP  Life-Card  Service.  Requests  for
               these  cards  should  be  addressed  to  the  FIAP  Life-Card  Service  through  an  Operational
               Member of that Country, if applicable.

               5.11.  Plagiarism and lack of compliance with FIAP regulations on competitions for Patronage
                     are managed by the Ethics FIAP Service.

               5.12.  The various documents governing events and activities mentioned above are written by
                     the Directory Board.

               6. VARIOUS

               6.1.   FIAP may have continental representatives in various parts of the world, named ‘FIAP
                     geographical  areas’.  Continental  representatives  are  the  ‘ambassadors’  of  FIAP  in
                     their area. Their role is both to inform and represent FIAP. They collaborate closely with
                     the Directory Board of FIAP who have the power appoint or remove them.
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