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    Hello Ryan and welcome to Rocknation.
    Congrats to your release of your
    “Imagine Your Reality” album.  How did
    you pick that for the name of your solo
    release what does that title mean to you?
    I’ve been ‘imagining my reality’ ever since
    I was a little kid, so the album title seemed
    pretty appropriate. It comes from staring at
    all the posters of rock stars and guitar
    players that I had plastered on my bedroom walls. I would sit there, practice my guitar, and look at the posters
    saying someday I’d live that life.

    Please tell us about any special guest on this release and who played on it.
    We were lucky enough to have many great musicians contribute to the record. 4 different drummers (Glen
    Sobel, Seven Antonopoulos, Anton Korberg, and Kristoffer Folin) That gave the songs each their own
    identity. People don’t realize just how much impact a drummers have influencing the vibe, feel, and end result
    of a song. Other special guest musicians included Teddy ‘Zig-Zag’ Andreadis, Johan Becker, and Tommy
    Henriksen who all made great contributions to the album. And of course we had the honor of having the lead
    singer of Cheap Trick (my fav band growing up), Robin Zander guest vocalizing on the song
    ‘California Man’. Definite rock n’ roll dream of mine come true.

    Your video for  “Me Generation” really is very original who did
    the editing and producing?
    Gustav Kronfelt edited and produced the video. We really respect
    what he does creatively and feel he really nailed the concept for
    the Me Gen video. It was one of those things that we were just
    blown away from the first cut. I’d like to invite anyone reading this
    to check it out here and see for themselves -

    Your “Imagine Your Reality” release will be on Vinyl, what are
    some of the details about that.
    Our Vinyl label Bellyache has done an incredible job with the
    packaging of the album. It’s available in 4 colors of Vinyl (Red,
    White, Blue, traditional Black) plus you get a Autographed poster,
    CD AND Digital Download the ‘Imagine Your Reality’
    choice of 4 album covers.
    Check it out here -
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