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        You just finished your PLANET AXE TOUR who else was
        featured on the tour?
        The concept was to have 3 guitarists/vocalists  all front our own sets
        but still be part of ‘one band’. It worked out well with Brandon Gibbs
        (Devil City Angels) and Joel Kosche (Collective Soul) joining me for
        the tour. We also included Kenny Bailey (drums) and Robby Miller
        (bass) to complete the Planet Axe line-up.

        How supportive is Alice to members of his band releasing
        solo material?
        I couldn’t ask for a better ‘boss’ when it comes to stuff like that. Alice
        has always been very supportive of our own projects as well as allow-
        ing us to all shine on stage in his show. He’s also played my music on
        his radio show and we just finished doing a taped interview that should
        be airing soon...I would say that is pretty dang supportive. Ha!
                                                                                                                     Photo by Kyler Clark
        How does living in Stockholm compare to living in the USA?
        Amazing musicians living in Stockholm...they really know their stuff. But then again, all the American
        musicians I’ve been able to play with over the years have been mega talented as well. In a nutshell -
        Stockholm Dark & Cold for much of the year...California (where I was born and raised), NOT so Dark &
        Cold for much of the year.

        What are some memories playing with Slash that stands out?
        The lifestyle and routine we got into while making the ‘Ain’t Life Grand’ album stands out most....some
        of the most musically constructive and mentally destructive times in my life but I’m happy (and lucky)
        I lived through it. Write, Record, and Jam music most of the day....Drink & Party the rest of the night.

        If you had to tell someone what your music sounds like, what bands would you mention?
                                                                       Cheap Trick, Oasis, Sloan or any other band that has a strong
                                                          Beatles influence and a love for guitar-driven rock.

                                                          Thank you for taking time for this interview. Any last
                                                          words to the fans?
                                                          You always have an open invitation to become a ‘77-nation
                                                          Army’ Roxie family member and I really hope you do....first
                                                           step, check out and start ‘enjoying the ride’ with
                                                           us...Cheers! - R

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