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PAGE 8                                                                                                           ROCKNATION ISSUE 25

                                                                                                 Interview  with Frederic Slama

        Hello Frédéric of AOR and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats on your release of “More Demos From L.A.”
        album.  How did you pick the tracks for this best of compilation album and how do these tracks differ from
        the past releases?

        Hello Tom. Thank you so much. For this 2nd volume of demos on Perris Records, like the first one “Rare Tracks &
        Demos”, I chose only the best tracks I had of some songs that had the biggest success from my 15 previous AOR
        albums. These demos are of course more rough for some tracks, but there is also real gems like the 3 songs with
        Chasing Violets that could have been featured in a real album. Also the alternate version of  “Blueprint For Love”
        featuring Jesse Damon (Silent Rage) is much harder and really rocks. Even the songs that sounds more like
        demos are really cool thanks to fabulous singers like Michael Kisur among others. Of course I must mentiion 3
        great tracks that are alternate rockier versions of the 3 songs I wrote for the last Dakota album “Long Road Home”.
        These version rougher but much better than the ones that end up on the finished album. I must add that if you like
        this 2nd volume of demos you will also LOVE the first one featuring incredible tracks and guests.

        Are you currently writing any new songs for a future AOR release.

        I’m always writing and recording new material for a new album. As for the previous ones it really takes time to get
        the top stars of Melodic Rock I really want. So we all have to be patient cause it can be a long process (sometimes

        If you had to tell someone what your music sounds like, what bands would you

        I recently released on Perris records a
        best of album called “The Heart Of L.A”
        that sums up perfectly what my music
        is all about. It’s a mix between Giant,
        Survivor, Foreigner & FM with some
        Westcoast influences, and always ultra
        melodic. I highly recommend “The Heart
        Of L.A” with a cast of singers never seen
        in any albums; like Jeff Scott Soto,
        Steve Overland (FM), Paul Sabu,
        Jesse Damon (Silent Rage), Kevin
        Chalfant (Journey, Two Fire), Fergie
        Frederiksen (Toto), Bill Champlin
        (Chicago), Jim Jidhed (Alien), Chasing
        Violets, Philip Bardowell (Unruly Child),
        David Forbes (Boulevard), Paul
        Shortino (Quiet Riot) & many many
        others. A MUST HAVE for any Melodic
        Rock fans!
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