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ROCKNATION ISSUE 25                                                                                                                PAGE  7

      Please tell us about any videos you are going to release.
      For this album we are going to release two videos. One for “Stand Up And

      Shout” and another one for the title track, “Worlds Apart”. They are both very
      much DIY, but hopefully they will support the tracks in a positive way. We
      have certainly done our best to make that happen :-)

      You have some new vocalist from your last CD “Early Warning”.
      What are some the highlights recording with them.
      It’s always great to work with talented singers and for me personally, it’s just

      a pleasure to hear a song I have written become alive. I always go for a
      certain sound that I have in my head when writing a song and if I work with
      the right singer, everything just seem to fall into place.                                                             Nicklas Sonne

      Please tell us about your equipment endorsements.
      I have been endorsed by Ibanez guitars and Soldano amplification for
      several years now. V-Picks came along a little later on, but I have worked
      with them for a long time as well. It’s always a pleasure to work with
      companies whose products I can fully endorse. I would use their products

      even if I weren’t endorsed by them, that’s for sure. I sincerely hope to be
      able to continue our collaboration for years to come.

      What would you say is different in writing “Worlds Apart” compared to
      your last CD “Early Warning”?                                                                                        Dagfinn Joensen
      Not that much is different really. In terms of song writing, the starting point is
      pretty much the same, but I always try to top myself obviously. I’m still

      chasing that one perfect song. It’s kinda like my white whale so to speak.
      I guess that’s what keeps things interesting to me, you know, chasing down
      that one perfect song.

      If you had to tell someone what Acacia Avenue sounded like, what
      bands would you mention?
      I’m not sure. My influences are certainly a blend of big AOR names like
      Journey, Toto and Survivor. But for the more rocking tracks, I am mainly
      influenced by bands such as Deep Purple, Dokken and Giant. I would

      probably have to mention all of those names to come close I think.
                                                                                                                               Peter Sundell

      What plans do you have for 2018?
      I have a new all instrumental album coming out very soon and I am
      currently busy working on Rob Moratti’s new solo album. Apart from that,
      I am involved in a couple of other projects, so I am going to be very busy for
      the rest of this year. Just the way I like it ;-)

      Thank you for taking time for this interview. Any last words to the
      My pleasure. I want to thank all of our fans for the kind support we have
      received over the years and I hope that everyone who is into melodic hard
      rock/AOR, will take a minute to check out our new album.                                                                   Michael Bastholm Dahl
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