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PAGE 6                                                                                                           ROCKNATION ISSUE 25

                                                                                                Interview  with Torben Enevoldsen

    Hello Torben from Acacia Avenue and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats on your new album titled “Worlds
    Apart” on Perris Records. Please name some of the tracks and what they are about.
    Thanks a lot. Well, the majority of the songs on this album are love songs really. They deal with the subject in
    different ways, but love is the main lyrical ingredient of most of these songs. The first track on the album however is
    a little different and is called “Stand Up And Shout”. This one is roughly about seizing the moment and speaking your
    mind and having the guts to stand by your beliefs.  The title track, “Worlds Apart”. is about a love lost and the pain that
    goes along with it. “Out Of Control” is another love song of sorts and it’s about having to deal with a person who is fairly
    unreasonable and wild at heart. “Fly Away” is more of a typical love song and it deals with the pain of being left behind
    and the internal struggle that goes along with that.

    You had a Swedish artist named Carl-André Beckston do this amazing artwork. How many other releases
    has he did for you?
    I have worked with André for almost 15 years now and I think that this is the 12th album that we have worked on
    together. It’s always a pleasure to work with him and he always delivers top notch artwork. I am already looking forward
    to our next collaboration :-)
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