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PAGE 10                                                                                                           ROCKNATION ISSUE 25

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         Harry Connor     Interview  with Bill Leverty

     Hello Bill and welcome to Rocknation. You released a
     couple singles this year “Love Is Like A Song” and
     “Memorable”. Please tell us a little about the songs and are you
     planning to release a new solo release with them in the near
     I’ve been releasing songs as soon as I finish them. Once
     I have 10, I’ll put out an album. I’ve only got one to go! The latest 2 songs you’ve mentioned, “Love Is Like A Song” and
     “Memorable” are both melodic hard rock songs, but they are each a little different. “Love Is Like A Song” is more straight ahead
     rock, and  “Memorable” has a bit of a funk vibe to it. You can get both songs for only one dollar on my website for a limited

     What’s your songwriting process for your solo material compared to writing for Firehouse?
     With FireHouse, it would vary, but usually it would start with either CJ or myself coming up with an idea, then we’d bounce the
     idea back and forth off of each other, refining it and adding to it until we felt like it was ready to be listened to. With our later
     albums, we did more writing as a group. With my solo music, I write at my own pace, on my own schedule, with no pressure,
     in my studio, and I record the ideas as they arrive. I refine them, add to them, and sometimes struggle quite a bit with them.
     Another big difference is that my solo tunes are written for my voice so I have to work with that in mind. I’m not CJ. He can sing
     anything and make it sound great. I have my vocal limitations in terms of range, so there’s that to deal with. I also have to be
     happy with every lyric. I have a different perspective on lyrics now compared to how I was in my younger days. Recording my
     solo music is extremely gratifying to me and I hope that someday, people who have never heard me as a solo artist will get a
     chance to hear me. Hopefully they’ll like it!

     You give guitar lessons on Skype, how many students do you have worldwide?
     I have done a lot of Skype lessons over the last few years. I’ve probably had 50-60 students. I’ve slowed down with doing this
     lately because I’ve been busy in my spare time working as a mixing and mastering engineer for other artists.
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