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ROCKNATION ISSUE 25                                                                                                                 PAGE 9

      You live in France what is the music scene like there now compared to many
      years ago?

      The music scene in France for that kind of music is unfortunately very poor. That’s
      why I spend most of my time between L.A. and London where real music is made,
      otherwise I would feel depressed ha! ha!

      What plans do you have for 2018 - 2019?

      Recording, touring and drinking champagne with girls in my own private jet! You’re
      all invited of course!

      What bands have the biggest influence for song writing on your music?

      My biggest influences for the vocals and melody lines is Foreigner. I’ve always had
      Lou Gramm’s voice in my head since I started writing songs 40 years ago (wow I’m
      getting old ha! ha!). For lyrics and arrangements, I guess I was The Eagles who
      had a strong effect on my music. Not bad, huh?

      Thank you for taking time for this interview. Any last words to the fans?

      Thank you for your great questions and I hope fans of AOR will buy the 2 volume
      of demos on Perris Records. People who don’t know me yet (I don’t know if it’s
      possible, but there must be some left in the world ha! ha!), I recommend them to
      start with “The Heart Of L.A” or “L.A Darkness” both also on Perris Records, a
      great label! By buying real cd’s and not illegally downloading them, you support the
      artists you love the most and allows them to keep on recording more cd’s for your
      listening pleasure! So keep on rocking AOR friends! And don’t hesitate to check
      out my website or say hi!

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