Page 10 - November 2021
P. 10

Align with Your Spirit

        From the time I was five, I knew I wanted  We are taught to be a good person, obey
        to be a free spirit.  I hated clothes, I loved  the rules, do as you are told, work hard
        nature, and I found myself allergic to                 and you will have a happy life.  This is the

        rules.  Each afternoon I would go out                  beginning to what I refer to as the big fat
        in the yard to play with my imaginary                  lies.  This is what causes us to relinquish

        friends, my guides and teachers who                    our authentic self and become slaves to
        are still with me. I would eat the weeds,              the beliefs that pleases others. Do this
        dance with the flowers, and talk to the                and you will be happy, do that and you

        trees. My favorite was taking off my                   will be successful, do this and you will be
        clothes and dancing in the rain.                       ... Ugh.

        But the rain stops, the sun comes back                 Doing this is how you lose who you are,
        out, and we grow up. We are forced to                  your authentic self, living a life which

        conform, to live by societal rules and                 you expected to make you happy, as
        expectations. We are programmed to                     you quietly suffer in your confusion

        strive for a life to fit in, to impress others,  and sadness. You say to yourself, “I did
        to make lots of money, and make our                    everything right, why am I not satisfied?
        parents proud.                                         Why do I feel empty? What is missing?“

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