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Unfolding Happiness

                                           Book Excerpt

        Chapter one: Seed                                      and events. Even though happiness
                                                               is our true nature, some people are

         The potential of happiness is found                   happy while others are not. Happiness
                         in meditation                         becomes obscure when we forget that it

        We all want to be happy. In fact,                      is a state of being rather than something
        happiness is our true nature. Happiness                we create by means of outside sources.

        is a constant, like Primordial Energy.                 It is like the tight bud of a flower that
        It is always there, like the sun, which is             needs to be urged to unfold with

        always shining. Sometimes clouds block                 tenderness and love.
        the view, but when the wind blows or
        the heat of the sun’s rays dissolves the               Many factors can interrupt the process

        obstruction, we see and feel its light                 of our opening. Society and the external
        shining once again. The flow of life                   world fool us into believing an ideal of

        in an effortless, graceful manner is                   what “perfect” is supposed to look like
        our birthright. Life is supposed to be                 and what happiness should be. As we
        without struggle.                                      observe the world around us, we notice
                                                               that some people seem to be happy

        To be in a state of happiness is unique                regardless of their situation, while others

        and individual. It can be quickly                      are challenged to be happy no matter how
        triggered and affected by things, places,              perfect their lives appear on the surface.

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