Page 3 - November 2021
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From the


        Greetings, my dear friends!                            doctor, Bryan Ardis, on how to treat
                                                               covid at home. Page 14.

        This edition gives answers to questions some

        of you asked: how to protect from EMF and  Unfortunately, we got banned from
        5G, and how to detox from the vaccine.                 Vimeo video platform, so we have
        Medicine Woman Vasiliki shares her                     decided to convert our videos into audio

        wisdom on how to re-align with your spirit.  files and store them on our site. So, this
        Her thoughts and suggestions these days are  edition offers you some listening rather
        becoming as necessary as never before.                 than watching.

        This month we publish an article from                  Humanity continues its path to awakening
        our dear Ann Sousa who passed away                     and enlightenment, and this is never

        from Covid while being treated in                      an easy journey. Although we are living

        hospital. The article is called Shifting the  through the times of great challenges,
        Grief Paradigm. Please find it on page 4.              these times also give us a great hope.

        Since Covid related fears remain high                  With love and gratitude,

        among many, we are publishing an
        interview with a medical and holistic                  Katerina and My Indigo team

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