Page 7 - November 2021
P. 7

The media and ideas easily trick us into
        believing that we can find true and lasting

        happiness through material trappings. The
        pressures we experience confuse us and

        disguise the pathway to happiness. Our
        attachment to an ideal body image can
        lead us to a path of manipulation, often

        placing the body at risk and creating a
        perception of unhappiness.

        When we engage in further self-study and
        dial our inner vision into focus, we are able

        to clearly see that the objects and situations
        we initially desired ultimately become the

        source of misery. It is due to these vestiges
        of living that the attainment of happiness
        can easily elude us. Rather than thinking

        about what happiness is supposed to be,
        what we really need is to be taught to

        identify what happiness feels like.                    stress rather than peace and solitude.

        To increase our potential level of                     What if you stop and ask your mind, “Can

        happiness, it is important to partake in               we be still and quiet for just a moment?”
        daily practices that help to remind us

        that we are always connected to a greater              Here is something you can try:
        energy. This in turn helps us to be in a
        continual state of trust. Here we find it              Stop whatever you are doing. Turn your

        easier to accept the present and place less            phone off for a few minutes and free your
        importance on a perception of what is                  arms. Perhaps jump up and down and let

        right or wrong.                                        the body shake out in no particular way.
                                                               Maybe your voice wants to make noise.
        All it takes in any given moment is a

        small, simple, little suggestion. Say you              Now stand where you are and become
        are out walking on a path, there are                   perfectly still. Close your eyes. Connect

        people passing you on bicycles, your                   to the vastness of infinite space.
        phone rings, and for a split second you                Instantaneously you are able to tune
        sense your morning walk is creating                    into the sounds of birds and insects. Feel

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