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Here is something you can try:                         MEDICAL DISCLAIMER
                                                               This book does not provide medical advice; its content
                                                               and suggestions do not substitute for consultation with
        Try experiencing the cosmic                            a physician. Medical and nutritional sciences change

        components of the universe. Begin with                 rapidly, and information contained in this book may
        a morning walk before sunrise. Look                    not be current when read. Neither the publisher nor
                                                               the authors are liable for any loss, injury, or damage
        into the sky and take in the elements of               arising from information in this book, including loss
        space, with stars twinkling. Notice how                or injury from typographical errors.
        the sounds of nature are abundant at

        this time of the day and how the chorus                                      Ambika Devi
        of birds begins to sing. If you are near

        water, listen to the changes in the sound                                    Ambika Devi is an
        of it, whether you are at the shore and                                      international award
        hearing waves crashing, or by a creek                                        winning best-selling

        listening to the trickling sound dancing                                     author, expert astrologer,
        across stones or pebbles. What does the                meditation Jedi, speaker and storyteller on

        morning air feel and taste like? When                  a peace mission to help you step out of the
        the sun begins to appear, it fills the vast            churning river of thoughts and activity of
        emptiness of space with the fire element               the mind, stop wearing insane schedules

        rising in the sky. Feeling the warmth of               like badges of honor, and begin your days
        sun on the body, coupled with sound of                 reinforced with the calmness a meditation

        water and earth underfoot, completes                   practice brings. Visit her at:
        the full sensory experience.                 

                                                                              Contact Ambika

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