Page 8 - November 2021
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the sensation of the air upon your skin.               you. At first there is just a little light

        Notice the moisture within the mouth                   seeping into your awareness. Then, as
        and the taste of the saliva. Let the smell of  the eyelids gently open, you are greeted
        earth and flowers dance in your nostrils.              with a flood of shapes and colors. Notice

                                                               how the light of the sun brightens the
        What does the environment sound like                   hues of the plants and trees, and how in

        now? What does the expression on your                  this moment there is beauty in you and
        face feel like? Just be absolutely still               everything around you. What are the
        and see where this takes you. Perhaps                  sensations? This is a very humble yoga

        the body begins to move and dance or                   exercise that tunes us into the wisdom of
        shake. Maybe you will yell or cry or                   Ayurveda. This simple practice is a taste

        smile. There is no right or wrong. This                of meditation. By bringing our awareness
        is an Ambika Devi, MA & Vijay Jain,                    to a focal point, it shows us our ability to
        MD 5 opportunity to let go of the mind                 be in the present moment. This in turn

        and just observe, as if you are viewing                points out that everything we need to feel
        someone else. Once you find yourself still  good and to be happy is already inside

        again, tune into your breath and perhaps               of us. The qualities of these impressions
        even your heart beating. In the silent                 determine the quality of our thoughts and
        spaces at the top of your breath when the              feelings. We experience the world through

        lungs fill to capacity, do you notice any              the five sensory organs attached to our
        sensation? At the bottom of your breath                corresponding senses all at the physical

        when the belly draws in, what are you                  level of our being. These same senses and
        feeling? Slowly open the eyes and begin                sensory organs are also associated with
        to take in the environment surrounding                 five elements and five motor organs.

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