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Shifting the

                                    Grief Paradigm

        From the editor

        Ann Sousa, the author of the article                   Grief is often viewed as a five-stage
        below, sent me her writing in early                    process – denial, anger, bargaining,
        September. With an aching heart, we                    depression, acceptance. But today we

        are publishing it today in memory of                   are realizing a new paradigm is needed
        Ann. She passed away on October 10,  to navigate our losses.

        2021, while being treated for Covid in
        a hospital. Ann Sousa was the founder  A new grief model suggests that we
        of Healing the Global Village and The                  give ourselves and our loved one the

        Global Firewalk Institute. Ann lived                   Grace and Space as they journey out of
        a truly extraordinary life, and she will               the body to their own consciousness

        always be loved and remembered for                     of soul.  We can create a continued
        the light she generously shared with all  bond that lasts by celebrating them
        she knew .                                             and keeping memories alive, and also

                                                               honoring the living while alive.
        Grief comes in all shapes and sizes

        like a divorce, loss of a job, or a                    In addition to feeling our own
        relationship. One of life’s most difficult             personal pain over the loss of loved
        experiences is losing a loved one. It                  ones, we harbor sorrows stemming

        would be easier if grief were a linear                 from Communal grief that our family
        process with a beginning and end, but                  and friends are also experiencing in

        it is not.  Big feelings can emerge at any             their daily life. In addition, we all live
        time, and it seems that the grieving                   and feel the grief of the world, and
        process never ends. Many emotions                      especially in times we are currently

        can be overwhelming, but they are not                  living there is so much suffering
        permanent states. Here are some insights               humanity is processing now.

        into the grieving process and ideas to keep  We experience daily losses and
        in mind when you feel overwhelmed or                   struggles all around us. There is hate,
        emotionally drowning in your grief.                    bullying, illness, poverty, and death.

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