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My Indigo Sun

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                All answers to our modern life problems can be found in nature or within ourselves.
          Connecting holistic and metaphysical practitioners to those who seek to heal and grow within.
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          Table of Contents                                        November 2021 Contributors

        Shifting the Grief Paradigm                      4            Ann Sousa - SHIFTING THE GRIEF
        Unfolding Happiness Book Excerpt                 6
                                                                   Ambika Devi -  Unfolding Happiness Book
        Align with Your Spirit                           10                           Excerpt

        How to protect yourself from the dangers of                 Vasiliki Lagoudis - Align with Your Spirit
        EMF & 5G radiation                               16
                                                               Kalen P C Nielsen - How to protect yourself from
        DETOXING AFTER THE JAB                           20            the dangers of EMF & 5G radiation
                                                                          DETOXING AFTER THE JAB
        Cooking for Healing                              26

                                                                  Stephanie Davidian - Cooking for Healing
        Predictions                                      28

                                                                Jagdish Maheshri - Astrological Predictions for
                                                                                 November 2021

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