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I believe in the unfailing boomerang  astronaut,  but  he  broke  both  arms  And instead of putting things on a to-

        that  whatever  you  throw  out  and couldn’t  do that.  So, he swam  do list and then mulling an analysis

        (decisions,  thoughts,  energy)  will  to get rehabilitated and saw a water  to paralysis, I take the action and it’s
        come back to you as long as you’re  spider  with  a  bubble  on  her  back,  just incredible.

        not always expecting something in  taking air down to her litt le babies.
        return.                              And  he  had  an  epiphany.  He  said,  I see a plant that needs watering, I
                                             “Why can’t I put a bubble of air on  water it. When that thought comes

        In  other  words,  you  keep  giving  my back and why can’t I become an  in my mind, I take action. Energy in

        because  you  don’t  lose  anything  aquanaut instead of an astronaut?”   motion tends to stay in motion.
        when  you  keep  giving.  If  you  give
        more  in  value  than  you  receive  in  The human brain is so incredible that  The more you act on your thoughts,
        payment,  people  will  recognize  it gets these ideas, and the more  the more creati ve thoughts you will
        that you’re a bargain, and they will  shape that they take, the more they  generate.
        seek  you  for  the  value  that  you’re  become  architecturally  possible.

        projecting.                          And there’s somebody who has the  Brian:  How  can  we  get  ahold  of
                                             skill to make a piece of furniture, to  you?
        I really think that  How  Thoughts  build  the  plane,  to  build  the  Tesla
        Become  Things is the  next step  to  car, to build things that we haven’t  Denis:  Go to my website and you’ll
        taking  the  Law  Of  Attraction  and  even imagined yet.                 be  pleasantly  surprised,  there  is

        putting daily action to it. That BMW                                      nothing for sale there.
        is  not  going  to  drive  up  in  your  And that’s why Einstein was right —
        driveway when you  think  about  it.  imaginati on is more important than
        It’s going to come in your driveway  knowledge  because  knowledge  Brian:  Denis,  thank  you  so  much
        when  you  give  the  dealership  a  is limited to all  we know. But  for being here. It was a real honor
        value that’s equal to what he needs  imaginati on  is  unlimited  to  all  we  and a privilege.
        payment  for.  So,  you  always  need  have  yet  to  know  and  have  yet
        to  think  of  the  value you’re  giving  to  discover.  And  that’s  why  being  Denis:  Thanks so much, Brian.
        in everything you do, and therefore,  able  to  imagine  something  in
        you  will  be  receiving  something  detail  becomes  a  thing  because  it  Denis Waitley is one of America’s most
        parallel or equal to that.           also  becomes  chemistry  and  also  respected  authors,  keynote  lecturers,
                                             becomes a belief system.             and productivity consultants on high-

        Brian:  How  exactly  do  thoughts                                        performance  human  achievement.

        become things?                       When  someone  has  a  magnificent  He  is  inspired,  informed,  challenged,

                                             obsession, it’s very difficult to shake  and  entertained  audiences  for  over
        Denis:  Well, thoughts come to us  them  off   that  obsession.  Anything  30  years  from  the  boardrooms  of
        mostly in visual images. We’re more  we’re  obsessed  with  begins  to  multi nati onal  corporati ons  to  the

        susceptible  to  visual  stimulation,  take shape. So,  what I always say  control  rooms  of  the  NASA  space

        although we’re stimulated by all of  is what the mind harbors, the body  program,  from  the  locker  rooms  of
        our senses.                          manifests in some way.               world  class  athletes,  to  the  meeting

                                                                                  rooms  of  thousands  throughout  the
        But  when  you  get  images in  your  Brian:  Do you think that when we  world.
        brain, the clearer they are, the more  take acti on on our ideas quickly that
        detailed they are,  the more  you’re  we’re rewarded with more ideas and  He  has  been  inducted  into  the

        able to create a blueprint, and you’re  bett er ideas later?              International  Speakers  Hall  of  Fame,
        able  to  put  colors,  shapes,  sizes,                                   and  with  over  10  million  audio
        amounts, and numbers to them. The  Denis:      Yes.   I’ve   said   that  programs  sold  in  14  languages,  he’s
        clearer you are, the more the brain  unequivocally.   I   don’t   believe  the most listened to voice on personal
        can focus on that image and bring  in  ready,  fi re,  aim.  Perfecti on  is  and career success. He’s the author of
        to you the other people in the world  procrasti nati on.                  14  books,  and  his  audio  album, The

        who have the skills that you don’t.                                       Psychology of Winning, is the all-time
                                             We just need to strive for incremental  bestselling program on self-mastery.
        Here’s   an   example    of  what  excellence a litt le bit at a ti me. I’m in
        thoughts  becoming  things  means  my 80s, and I’m more alive and alert  He’s  one  of  the  stars  of  The  Secret,
        —  take  the  aqualung,  for  example.  and  remembering  and  doing  things.  and he’s also in the new movie called
        Jacque  Cousteau  wanted  to  be  an  But I say, I think it, I’ve seen it, I do it.   How Thoughts Become Things.

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