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Thriving In Crisis:

                                                        Seeing Opportunities

                                                        To Grow

                                                        by Emmeline Saavedra with Brian K. Wright

        I had the honor of interviewing Emmeline Saavedra, and we talked about how the pandemic changed the
        business she is in, and how we can pivot by being of greater service to others.

        Brian:  Hi  Emme,  tell  us  about  mean thousands of dollars per lost  we  immediately  pivoted  to  our
        your background. What does your  call  because we  have  an  average  other  business  verti cal,  which  is
        business do?                         patient  value  each  year  that  we  the virtual support soluti ons. This

                                             take into consideration. If we lose  is the verti cal part of our business
        Emmeline:  My  background  is  in  one  new  pati ent,  that  translates  that   serves   businesses  with
        the  healthcare  industry  and  I’ve  to  about  $4,000  of value  for  the  business services like call rollover,

        been  in  the  network  marketing  pati ent to that business. So, it’s a  which I just spoke of. And we also
        realm  as  well  for  more  than  10  prett y big ROI that we don’t ever  do  insurance  billing,  claims,  and
        years.  What  we do right now is  want  any  business  to  miss.  We  reimbursements.
        support  businesses  by  handling  want  to  have  every  phone  call

        their  backend  functions.  This  answered.                               We also do insurance verification

        allows  them  to  focus  on  what                                         and credentialing, and appointment
        they do best and leave the rest to  Brian:  Absolutely.    When     the  generati ng  for  offi  ces,  especially
        us to take care of. We help them  shutdown happened, how did that  in  the  dental  fi eld.  We  call  past

        maximize their potential.            change your business?                patients  on  their  behalf  to  come

                                                                                  in  for  treatments  and  schedule
        Brian:  What  does that  look like  Emmeline:   Before this shut down,  them.  That’s a really important

        specifically?                         we  were in the coaching and  arm  of  every  industry.  And  right
                                             training  business.  As  you  know,  now, we’re  focused  in  the  dental
        Emmeline:    If they miss a call, it rolls  I’m  a  bank  trainer  with  a  bank  industry, which is our niche.
        over to us. We take care of their  methodology.  So,  we  were  all
        voice  messages  and  their  missed  about  elevati ng  and  accelerati ng  Brian:  Were  denti sts  able  to  see
        calls. Calls that they couldn’t get  business     performances      and  their pati ents during this ti me?
        to are not lost, because lost cost  profi tability.
        means lost revenues, right.                                               Emmeline:  Yes, we actually have
                                             When  COVID  hit,  the  focus  of  offi  ces  that  have  done  so  much
        When people reach voicemail, 80%  the  business  shift ed.  There  was  more business than ever. In crisis
        of them don’t leave messages. In  almost no need or no urgency for  situati ons, you either see things as
        dentistry, for example, that could  inside  training  and  coaching,  so  opportuniti es  or  you  cower  from

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