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You must exercise those emotional
        muscles in order to open up

        the  brain  to  access  optimal

        Once  you  have  truly  felt  the

        emotions, and only after you have
        done  this,  can  you  move  to  the
        fourth  step,  which  is  to  process

        the  emotion,  the  thought,  the
        event, and the comments.

        When  you  have  processed  the

        elements of the emotion, you are

        now  in  a  position  to  do  the  fifth

        and final step: Use or diffuse the

        Diffusing  it  does  not  mean  you

        make it go away; it means you act
        upon it to move yourself forward.
                                             Regardless  of  how  you  start  or  Just  visit  htt ps://drkarenperkins.

        Remember: Do something about it      end,  it  is  vital  that  you  actively  com/download/

        or let it go. You decide the proper   start  to  manage  your  emotional
        course  of  action  for  you.  Act   space.  When you  don’t,  you  will  Have you hustled your way to the

        instead of reacting. When you act,   get  hung  up  and  get  yourself  in  top just to get stuck at 6 fi gures? If

        you do things intentionally. When    trouble every single time.           you’re ready to stop beating your

        you react, you act impulsively first                                       head against the  wall, and make

        and then think. In most all cases,   Now, just like with your computer,  that 7-Figure Jump, I invite you to

        you regret that impulse later.       sometimes those little buggers are  check out
                                             hidden deep within and it’s often  ________________________________

        Practice Makes Permanent             hard to find the offending thought
                                             unless you have advanced training  Dr. Karen  Perkins,  is an engaging
        Consider  using  these  five  steps   and  skills  in  recognizing  and  internati onal  speaker,  executi ve

        now.  Write  down  an  emotion       removal. This is where I come in.    coach,  internal  reset  expert,    best-

        you  may  be  concerned  with  or                                         selling  author,  and  business  leader

        something  you  are  feeling  at  the   Holding  an  Applied  Scientific  and  consultant  in  both  the  private

        moment.  Go  through  the  five       Doctorate  in  NLP,  Emotional  and public sectors. For over 25 years,

        steps of your emotional space and    Intelligence,      and       Mind    Dr. Perkins has coached, counseled,

        determine what outcome you are       Programming Tools, I am the “mind-   taught  and  ultimately  inspired  well
        actually looking for.                techie”  and  have  over  25  years  over half a million people worldwide.
                                             of  experience  in  reprogramming  She educates organizati ons, groups,
        Understand  that  you  can  work     the  mind  for  instantaneous  and  and  individuals,  how  to  use  the

        the  sequence  backwards  as  well.   permanent results.                  keys to personal and organizational
        Sometimes it is easier to start with   Are  you  ready to change  your    growth and has inspired thousands

        the outcome and then work with       thoughts,     environment      and   to  recognize  and  fulfill  their  own

        the  five  steps  in  the  emotional   situation?                          immeasurable potential.

        space  to  identify  the  specific

        emotion(s)    that   allowed   the   Download      my    complimentary    Phone: 702-998-2837

        outcome to emerge.                   eBook “Living A Positive Life” and   Email

                                             learn to repel negativity in yourself
                                             and others.
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