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So,  the  offices  who  pivoted  Emmeline:  Yes, I don’t even spend  leadership is strong and powerful.

        immediately  are  thriving.  We’re  money on gas anymore.  Time is  And  in  our  company,  we  follow

        here to support and position these  the  most  expensive  commodity.  four core values with the acronym

        businesses  strongly  in  times  of  When  I  think  about  it,  I  used  to  RICE: Results, Innovation, Servant

        crisis, so they do what they’re best  spend two to three hours getti  ng  Leadership and Excellence.
        at, which is taking care of patients  ready, then driving. That’s a lot of

        while we do the other end of the  producti on,  and  it  translates  to  When we are practi cing those four
        businesses,  which  is  taking  care  revenues at the end of the month.   core values, we get the results.
        of  the  supplemental  services  like
        the insurance and claims.  They  Brian:  So, the great lessons  you  Brian:  And  having  core  values
        don’t  have  to waste  their  human  probably  got  from  this  is  to  see  makes  pivoti ng  so  much  easier
        resources on that.                   opportunities and meet the needs  because  you  have  a  framework

                                             where they actually are. Not  the  that you’re already working with.
        We also saw this as an opportunity   needs you want to meet, but meet
        to  increase  our  sales  force  and   the  actual  real  needs  that  your  Emmeline:  Totally, who you bring
        ramp  up  our  marketing  so  we     customers have.                      into  your team is  what makes

        could help more businesses thrive                                         or  break  your  organization.  So

        instead of survive.                  Emmeline:  Yes,  and  being  their  I’m  very  clear  about  the  kind  of
        Brian:  That’s  wonderful.  What     eyes and ears. Some people don’t  people I want. As great leaders, we

        else  has  changed  about  your      even see it until we bring the light.  pave the way for them. You want
        business?                            As business owners, we have to be  everybody to thrive.
                                             the visionaries. People rely on you
        Emmeline:  We  do  business  a  lot   to create the vision and to make it  Brian:  That’s fantasti c, thanks for
                                             visual and make it real.
        differently  now.  Before  COVID,                                          being here, Emme.

        I  was  traveling  a  lot,  meeting
        people  face-to-face,  and  going    Where I thrive the most is having  Emmeline:  Thank you, Brian.
                                             a vision for the future. I’m always
        to networking groups that  work
        together.  With  the  shift  that    looking forward. I can create that  Emmie  Saavedra  is  the  Chief  Sales

                                             and  design  our  business  and  our

        happened, it opened up  a  whole     services  according  to  what  will   Officer  at  Performance  Partners,
        new  world  where  doing  business   make  the  most  impact  and  save   Inc.,  and  has  over  30  years  in

        is smarter, more efficient, and less   everybody cost and time.             the  health  services  and  business

        costly. That means we save more                                           entrepreneurship  industry.  She  is
        revenue and get more things done.    In the dental world, we enable the   also  a  co-owner  of  4  top-revenue-
        Performance  actually  increased,    dentist and the staff to see patients   producing dental practices in Arizona

        so we have a greater pool of the     more,  and  do  more  for  the  them   and California. Emmie is committed

        best picks to join our business and   while we do the less desirable part   to  mentoring  and  empowering
        work  for  us.  A  lot  of  people  out   of  their  business,  which  is  paper  moti vated   entrepreneurs   and
        want to work remotely, and all our   work and phone calls. So, we’re a  businesses  to  fulfi ll  their  missions
        businesses are run that way.
                                             big part of every business.          and  visions.  She  is  also  an  award-

        Our  staff  works  from  home  so                                          winning Certified BANK Trainer with

        they  be  with  their  families  and  Brian:  That is really smart.       Codebreaker Technologies.
        work around their schedules. And
        what  I  found  out,  Brian,  is  that  I  Emmeline:   Yes, they can repurpose  Formerly  the  Chief  People  Officer

        actually never realized how much  that  ti me  into  creati ng  more      of  Performance  Partners,  Inc.,

        non-productive  time  there  was—    money,  more  revenue,  and  more    Emmie  leads  the  sales  division  of
        getting  ready  to  meet  people,  opportuniti es.  So,  the  crisis  had

        getting  dressed  up,  driving.  And  really impacted us by allowing us   the company as Chief Sales Officer,

        now our production has increased  to  see  opportuniti es  that  didn’t   leading a strong and powerful team

        300% since this transformation.      exist  before,  and  to  be  really   of Referral Partners and Relationship

                                             resourceful than before.             Managers.
        In the last  two months,  we did
        what we  did  all  of  last year. And  Brian:  Any fi nal thoughts?        m:  623.340.2870
        every  month,  we  see  almost  a                                         e:
        100% increase in our business. You  Emmeline:       This  is  the  time  w:

        have more energy because you’re  where  we  all  can  thrive  and
        staying home, you’re focused.        be  here  for  each  other.  What  I  Schedule  a  call  with  me:  htt ps://
                                             got  from  this  experience  is  that
        Brian:  And  your  overhead  is      leadership  is  huge.  Everybody  in
        lower.                               your company is thriving when the
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