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Using  The  Power  Of

                                                               Thought To Create


                                                                                  by Brian K Wright

        I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Denis Waitley recently, and we discussed many great topics. Some areas
        of discussion included overcoming limiting beliefs, the new movie How Thoughts Become Things, why taking

        action quickly is so important, and much more.

        Brian:  Welcome,  Denis!  Did  you  reverse of what their problem was.  So,  the  best  thing  to  do  is  to
        envision  earlier  in  your  life  that  In  other words, we’d  take what  replace a negati ve statement with
        you would be where you are right  they were doing wrong, and fl ip it  a  positi ve  outcome  as  if  it  were
        now?                                 to be the positive side of that.     happening  now—then  internalize

                                                                                  that     emotionally      through

        Denis: No, but I always felt a little  And then we’d have them repeat  repeti ti on unti l it overrides the old

        different. I was raised with no TV,  using  what  we  call  visual  motor  soft ware program.
        so I’m audible-oriented and I read  behavioral  rehearsal.  I’ll  give  you
        a lot of books.                      an  example.  When  Lindsey  Vonn  Brian:  Let’s talk about the movie,
                                             skis down a mountain in her room,  How  Thoughts  Become  Things.
        I  thought  that  I  would  either  be  she  has  a  platf orm  that  goes  up  What  is  it  about  for  those  who
        Rod Serling, a screenwriter, or an  and down like skis would. And in  haven’t heard of it yet?
        author, but I didn’t picture myself  her mind, she feels the weight. So,
        standing  in  front  of  an  audience  it  feels  like  she’s  skiing  and  she  Denis: I think it takes the Law Of

        until  I  was  12-years-old.  I  began  visualizes  every  fl ag,  every  gate,  Att racti on  a  litt le  deeper  and  a

        to talk a lot when I was little, and  and being inside the gate coming  litt le more specifi cally. When some
        found  that  talking  and  writing  down in record ti me.                 of  us were  in  The Secret, it  came

        were the things I loved to do most.                                       out at a perfect time when people
                                             Michael  Phelps  does  the  same  were searching for something else.
        Brian:  How  do  we  overcome  thing  by  doing  the  swim  in

        limiting beliefs?                    advance.  He’s  been  doing  that  How  Thoughts  Become  Things  is
                                             since  he  was  seven-years-old.  a  more  specifi c  follow  up  to  The
        Denis: The best way to overcome  Andre  Agassi  has  a  40-minute  Secret  telling you  that  when you

        limiting  beliefs  is  to  take  that  shower  before  every  match  and  think about something obsessively,

        belief  and  reverse  it.  People  talk  he plays that match in the shower.  specify it and get to know it very
        about  affirmations,  but  I  talk  So, to overcome a limiti ng belief,  well. Talk  about  it,  think  about  it

        about  confirming  beliefs.  With  you  have  to  realize  that  most  every  day,  project  it  out.  There

        the Olympians, we would use self-    limitations  are  psychological  and  will be someone somewhere who
        statements and then give them the  limits are physical or based on age.   connects with that thought.
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