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As an example, when you transfer
        money  from  your  bank  to  a
        vendor, the banks will charge you
        $5 or more (in the US to the US).
        To send the money to a vendor in
        another country, you will use the
        SWIFT  system.  SWIFT  charges
        banks  a  fixed  amount  to  handle

        their money transfers, most of the

        time that’s $35.
        Contrast that with over $31 million
        transferred using bitcoin a couple
        days ago. Want to guess what the
        fee was? It was 11 cents! Hmmm,
        $35 vs 11 cents. I’m guessing I’d go
        for the 11 cents, how about you?
        And…the  transfer  took  a  couple
        minutes, not 3-5 business days.      is  released  in  August.  While  I’ve  Yes,  you’re going to learn a lot

                                             given  up  prognosticating,  the  of  new  words  as  you  build  your
        A  quick  overview:  Bitcoin  was  directi on is irrevocably up.          knowledge on crypto.
        created  in  2008.  It  was  released

        into the “wild” on January 2, 2009.  You might think, “Hmmm, I wonder  Are  you  starting  to  see  why
        That’s  only  11  years  ago.  It  was  if I should get some now…”        “everyone” hasn’t jumped in yet?
        a geek’s paradise for about three
        years.  Then  it  went  viral.  People  If  you  are  interested,  I’m  more  There’s no bett er ti me than NOW

        started  getting  excited.  You  may  than  happy  to  share  the  step  by  to learn more and “get into” bitcoin.
        have heard the story of the 10,000  steps.    They’re  not  diffi  cult,  just  I think your future depends upon
        bitcoin  pizza.  If  not,  you  should  new concepts, patt erns, and tools  it.
        read  my  book  or  listen  to  my  that  are  unfamiliar  to  most  of  us
        blogs. Those 10,000 bitcoins were  over the age of about 40 or so. I’ll  Let me help. Start following me on
        valued at about $41. That made a  give  you  the  fi rst  four  quick  and  my website
        single  bitcoin  worth  about  a  half  easy  steps  to  start  your Bitcoin

        a  penny.  As  of  this  writing,  that  (BTC) journey.                   About Dr. Perkins
        same 10,000 bitcoins is worth just
        short of $100 million.                  1: Create an account on           Dr.  Darwin  Perkins  grew  up  as  a
                                          , and yes, the link   techie.  Since  2014,  he’s  mined
        Over  the years  from  2009-2017,           is official. You can use it     Bitcoin,  talked  about  it  and

        Bitcoin’s price went from that half-     2: Do the required validation

        penny to over $19,000 (December         3: Link it to a credit card or to a   answered   increasingly   difficult

        2017) then plummeted to around              bank account                  questions. He speaks mainly to the
        $3000.  This  is  a  pattern  that  is                                    over 40 crowd and helps them come

        now  well  established:  Meteoric       4: Buy bitcoin                    up to speed on this new and exciting
        rise, 70% drop, meteoric rise, 70%                                        world. Reach Dr. Perkins at darwin@
        drop…                                That’s all it takes to get started.  or  support  his
                                                                                  efforts at

        We’re entering the Meteoric rise     Now  if  that  was  really  all  there
        phase.  From  a  low  of  $4,800  on   was,  Bitcoin  wouldn’t  be  such  a
        March  16,  this  year,  to  the  time   mystery  or  overwhelming  for  so

        I’m writing this, the price has risen   many.    There’s a thing called a

        to  over  $9500.  I’m  really  curious   Private  Key.  Until  you  have  that,
        where it will be when this magazine   you don’t really own Bitcoin.
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