Page 4 - 57802 Summer 2020
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Notes From The Publisher

                                                                      by Robert W. Jones

         Welcome to the fifth edition of iNetrepreneur Magazine!
         First, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of Network Together, the growth we have

         experienced, and the creation of this magazine. None of this would be possible without the loyal

         support of our members, guests, and facilitators who faithfully run and attend each of our weekly

         This quarter’s issue features Dr. Darwin Perkins on the cover. He tells us why we should learn more

         about cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin in particular, as quickly as possible. He gives us a quick overview
         of the history of Bitcoin, as well as how we can start our own Bitcoin journey in four easy steps.

         Next, Emmeline Saavedra talks to us about thriving in crisis and finding opportunities to pivot and

         grow even when times get tough. When you can find ways to help others thrive, you will as well.
         Then, our editor, Brian K. Wright interviewed Dr. Denis Waitley a few months ago and they discussed
         using the power of thought to create excellence, overcoming limiting beliefs, and the new movie How

         Thoughts Become Things. He was one of the featured cast members in the film.

         This issue also includes an article by our featured contributor, Brett Fogle. He tells us the #1 mistake

         that business owners make and how we can address it.
         Other articles in this issue include discussions about Google My Business, how bookkeeping mistakes

         can cost your business thousands of dollars, easy ways to decorate your home in the summertime,

         why you need an estate plan, finding great real estate investment opportunities in the current market,
         and much more!

         I hope you enjoy this issue as much as my team and I enjoyed putting it together.
         To your success,
         Robert W. Jones

         Founder, Network Together
         Publisher, iNetrepreneur Magazine

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