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Why You Need To Be

                                                          In Bitcoin Right Now!

                                                                    By Dr. Darwin Perkins

        Some may say I’m an old guy, I graduated from high school in 1969. Had it not been for some very fortunate

        opportunities early in my career, I’d be like mostpeople as far as cryptocurrency goes. I’d have no idea what
        crypto is, what Bitcoin is, or even why I should care. But, unlike most, I spent over 40 years in computers and
        cyber security. It’s easy for me to understand what’s going on with Bitcoin. I’ve also spent about 30 years as
        a corporate trainer, making hard things easy to understand.

        You’ve  probably  heard  about  Here’s a truth that makes a difference:  them. It  was created to let  you

        Bitcoin.  Perhaps  you  have  heard,  Every fi nancial insti tuti on in the US,  divorce yourself and your business
        “it’s going to take over the world”  every  insti tuti on,  most  businesses  from  reliance  on  banks,  cut  your
        or  “you  should  get  into  it”. Then,  worldwide and most governments,  costs, and simply make it  easier

        every  time  someone  tries  to  tell  have been acquiring vast amounts  to work with your own money. A
        you what it is and how to do it, you  of  Bitcoin  (and  several  other  statement  from  its  creator  might
        immediately get  hopelessly lost.   cryptos)  as  quickly  as  they  can  help:
        This is the most common thing  since 2014. And, they are not telling

        I  hear  when  I  first  start  working  anyone about it. Think about this:  Bitcoin  is  an  electronic  person-to-
        with someone.                        Had you bought a single bitcoin six  person  version  of  cash  that  allows
                                             years ago (price of $500), it is now   payments  to  be  sent  directly  from
        With the way the global economy  worth around $10,000. Have any           one  person/business  to  another
        is going, cryptocurrency and  of your accounts had that kind of           without going through any financial

        especially Bitcoin  will most likely  increase in the past few years?     institution. – Satoshi Nakamoto

        become  the  new  form  of  money
        within  the  next  5  to  10  years.  Here’s   what    your    financial   By the  way, Satoshi is credited

        Nearly everyone between the ages  expertsare  only  now  starti ng  to    with  creating  bitcoin.  Here’s  a

        20 to 40 are already familiar with  acknowledge.  With  the  massive      link to the original paper if you’re
        the concept and probably already  mishandling  of  the  economy  by       interested.  Right  now  in  August,
        bought  into  cryptocurrency.  For  the Fed, there’s a fi nancial tsunami   2020,  regardless  of  what  any
        the rest, it’s time to get you caught  coming  in  the  form  of  this  new   banker, financial advisor, or lender

        up.                                  money.  Studies  from  last  year    tells you, you don’t need a bank to
                                             by  a  group  of  major  European    “handle/hold/invest or move” your
        Cryptocurrency  is  one  of  those  banks forecast that Bitcoin should    money. You don’t have to pay for
        subjects  where,  “What  you  don’t  increase in price to anywhere from   their help. You don’t need anyone’s
        know  CAN  hurt  you”.  In  my  $100k  to  $480K  by  the  end  of        help  or permission to send  your
        opinion,  there  is  absolutely  no  2021.                                money to anyone, anywhere in the
        excuse for someone over 40 to be                                          world.
        ignorant  about  Cryptocurrencies,  Why  should  you  care?  Because
        especially Bitcoin.                  Bitcoin was created for you, not for

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