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The Best Malware

                                                        Removal For Your Mind

                                                                        by Dr Karen Perkins

                                                                    Executive Coach, KPI & NLP Expert

        Has your computer ever gotten a virus or malware? What really happened there? You probably opened a video

        or downloaded an email that seemed innocuous enough, and then the virus began its evil work. It started

        digging deeper and deeper into your computer, corrupting files, reconfiguring your memory, and essentially

        interrupting all the normal processes you use to work. Eventually, the “blue screen of death” appeared and

        your computer crashed completely.
        This is exactly  what  happens to  sti ll  operati ng  with  that  beta       Recognize
        your mind when an errant thought  version, it could be sensiti ve and       Acknowledge
        comes in and  you  suppress it.  It  full of bugs.                             Feel it fully
        works its way deeper and deeper,                                               Process

        corrupting thoughts, reconfiguring  And...  as  life  adds  stressors,  it’s       Use or Diff use

        your  memory,  and  essentially  like  opening  that  video  someone

        disrupting  your  ability  to  focus  sent from Facebook. The thought  First,  recognize  the  emoti on;

        on  anything  but  THAT  thought.  worm gets in, the system gets  second, acknowledge it; third, feel
        This then triggers  your internal  overwhelmed in trying to process  it fully.
        protection system and sets off all  too much, and we’re likely to crash

        the alarms, causing your system to  and simply shut down in order to  Feeling  it  fully  is  the  most  vital
        crash.                               protect ourselves.                   step. Without taking this step, you
                                                                                  cannot move forward.
        Have  you  ever  been  there?  In  So, what do we do when our mind
        that  place  where  you were  so  and emoti ons crash? We can’t just  You might be saying, “But I don’t

        consumed by an emotion - anger,  call the Geek Squad…or can we?           want to feel angry, but I don’t want
        anxiety, excitement that  you                                             to feel sad.” But, you must feel it.

        couldn’t  think  beyond  it?  I  want  Actually, we can.                  You are entitled to it. You deserve
        you  to know,  you’re not  alone.                                         it. Feel it fully.
        While it’s not your fault, it is your  But  fi rst,  I’m  going  to  have  you
        responsibility to change it.         run  some  diagnostics  on  your  That does not mean that you have

                                             own. The process for running your  the right to wallow in it. It doesn’t
        We  were  programmed  at  a  very  mind’s  anti -malware  is  actually  mean you should get stuck in it. It
        young  age  by  our  parents,  our  easier than for a computer.           means  you  recognize  it  and  you
        siblings, and society to react in a                                       allow yourself to feel it.
        certain way to different stimuli. It’s  I use the mnemonic device RAFPU

        like  our  own  personal  operating  to remember the steps:
        system. And quite frankly, if you’re
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