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Brian:  Yeah.

                                                                                  Loral:  We’re   trained   to    be
                                                                                  occupational  people.  Because
                                                                                  people     are     occupationally
                                                                                  trained,  they  say, “Well,  I  went
                                                                                  to school to be a CPA. I can only
                                                                                  be  a CPA.”  No,  you  can  do  all
                                                                                  sorts of things.  You  could  be
                                                                                  a CPA for real estate people.
                                                                                  My  CPA  is  a CPA  specializing  in
                                                                                  cannabis, cryptocurrency, gas,
                                                                                  and  oil.  You  get  to be  whatever
                                                                                  you want to be as you become an
                                                                                  entrepreneur. But I think that so
                                                                                  many entrepreneurs fail because
                                                                                  they are trying to do the one thing
                                                                                  they think they’re good at. And I
        Loral:  Oh,  they  have  to  have  to make some mistakes in finding       think  there’s a lot of teaching
        Yes! Energy. When  I got that  some  wrong  ones,  then  find  a          in  the  world  that’s  wrong  about
        opportunity  to  move  to  New  way  to  up-level  and  move  from        that: “Find the one thing  you’re
        Orleans with  Chevron,  I didn’t  those relationships  to other           passionate about, and  you’ll
        know how to build fitness centers  relationships quickly.                 make  money.”  No,  you’ve  got  to
        on offshore oil rigs. I had another                                       be a damn good entrepreneur to
        yes moment with Sharon Lechter  And  Yes! Energy, is not about            make money.
        and Robert Kiyosaki. They said,  not failing. I think a lot of people
        “Do you know how to distribute  think yes always means right or           Brian:  Absolutely.  We’re talking
        a game?” I said, “Absolutely.”  So  just  successful.  I’m  going  to  say   about  becoming  rich. What  are
        true yes moments are when you  right, but successful. I have failed       some habits that rich people have
        actually don’t  have a clue what  many times, but I don’t code them       that other people do not have?
        you’re doing.                        as  failures.  I  just  code  them  as
                                             interesting lessons such as, “Okay,   Loral:  You have to make money,
        Brian:  Right.                       that didn’t work.” Bill Gates says it   then  keep it, so you’ve got to
                                             the best, and he doesn’t even put    have a corporate structure. I
        Loral:  Here’s why people miss  any  words  on  it.  He  said,  “I  just   always  say, “Companies  make
        yes moments. It’s because when  throw a whole bunch of spaghetti          money. Individuals get taxed.” As
        an opportunity  comes, people  on the wall, i.e. ideas, innovations,      a  high-income  earner  or  a  sole
        process  through  their  filter  of,  different things. And if they work,   proprietor, number one, you have
        “Can  I  do  it?” And  it’s  not about  they work.”                       no protection and you pay the
        you doing it. It’s about you leading                                      highest taxes. One of the partners
        it.  Can  you  find  the  people  who  Brian:  Yeah.                      controller’s is in this magazine
        know  how  to do it and  be the                                           with us. Scott and Mike will give a
        leader of this team? There is your  Loral:  I  do  that all the  time. I   complimentary  review  of  should
        trillion  dollar tip  in  becoming  have a lot going on, and some of      you  be  an  S  corp, a C  corp, an
        wealthy.                             it works, and some of it doesn’t.    LLC,  a limited  partnership,  or a
                                             That doesn’t mean I failed. It       trust? What should you be, given
        Over and over, I see opportunities.  means that didn’t  work for now.     how you make money and what
        I bought cannabis land, and I had  And notice all that languaging, “It    your goals are? If you have goals
        no idea how to open a dispensary.  didn’t work for now.” That doesn’t     to be international,  then we  are
        And even to this day I don’t know  mean it won’t work next year or it     going to set you up differently. If
        all the nuances of it but, boy, do I  won’t work a different time. I think,   you have goals to just stay in your
        have a great team. And I up-level  Brian, many people have just one       state, that’ll set you up differently.
        those teams as I go. I think there’s  thing going on, and they get very   So there is an assessment. It’s not
        a couple of lessons: one, find the  focused. Because remember how         about going  online  and getting
        people quickly. And if you happen    we’re trained, right?                incorporated for $99.

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