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Why is Entrepreneurship

                                                       so HARD??

                                                                          -by Jay Fiset

        You might question the subject of this article if you spend 5 minutes on Facebook reading and seeing
        images and stories of entrepreneurs being so joyful, profitable, and living an easy life while they hang
        out on the beach in Hawaii, helicopter to a yacht in the Mediterranean, or frolicking in the surf with
        their sexy partner.

        These  two  things  don’t  add up.  to become an entrepreneur,  exceptional  employee are not
        So  I  want  to  do  a  quick  reality  things  like    independence,     the same  as the beliefs, traits,
        check:                               resourcefulness, willingness  to  and characteristics that make an
                                             risk… all-powerful and meaningful  exceptional entrepreneur.
        80% of entrepreneurs  starting a     abilities for entrepreneurs…also
        business  fail  within  the  first  18   have a dark side.                That may seem obvious,  and
        months.                                                                   yet time and  again  I  encounter
                                             The truth is that for most of us, our   a successful  employee who
        30%  of  entrepreneurs  suffer  from   greatest weakness is our greatest   believes that they are ready to
        depression compared to 7% of the     strength turned up too loud. This    tackle  entrepreneurship  on  their
        general population.                  is where independence turns into     own. It’s a recipe for failure and
                                             loneliness, resourcefulness turns    disaster.
        These  are  just  the  cold  hard    into making things  harder than
        facts, and don’t  get me started     they need to be, and willingness     The failure rate would  drop
        about the quality of their primary   to risk becomes betting the farm.    significantly if people who are not
        relationships and the connection     So what should  an informed          equipped  for entrepreneurship
        with  their  kids.  It’s  usually  non-  and  savvy  entrepreneur  do  to   simply did not start!
        existent.                            increase their  odds  for  success
                                             and happiness?                       Now if you  are cut out for
        “Successful” entrepreneurs are
        notorious  for not  being  there     Let’s start with the truth.          entrepreneurship,  it  is  vital  to
        and having strained familial                                              recognize that it is still not a walk in
        relationships. So what the hell is   I believe  that  the  first  truth   the park and your most powerful
        going on?                            that MUST be told is that            business  skill  is  self-awareness,
                                             entrepreneurship  is NOT for         an objective view of yourself.
        Clearly,    there    are     many    everybody. The reality is that
        contributing factors but I want to   many entrepreneurs are simply        For most  entrepreneurs,  their
        zero in  on  a few.  Entrepreneurs   not  cut  out  to  cope  with  the   greatest weakness is simply their
        in today’s world have been sold a    pressure, inconsistency, and self-   greatest strength  turned  up  too
        dream that is fundamentally not      motivation that is required to be    loud.   Entrepreneurs      leaning
        true.                                successful.                          too heavily  on  their  strengths
                                                                                  create blindspots that harm their
        Some of the traits  that make it     The     beliefs,    traits,   and    business.
        possible for you to take the leap
                                             characteristics  that make an

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