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Do it right. As wealthy people, we  them broke. They need to lead,  Now, you’re not going to read this
        make money inside our company,  not do.                                   stuff  with  Ramsey,  Orman,  and
        the right company.                                                        Bach. Those guys are going to say,
                                             Brian:  Absolutely.  We talk about   “Pay down your debt.” Well, by the
        Then  we  also put  our  money  having people have their money            time most people pay down their
        away. We use IRAs, solo 401ks,  work for them. I think society            debt, you’re 40, 50, 60 years old.
        and Roths. We put our money into  teaches us that there are certain       You  have blown  so much  time
        very  protected  structures. Then  things  they  should  do, but  you     from being  able to invest. You
        we get our money to work. Paying  tell them not to. So  what do           can’t cycle out of it.
        yourself  first  isn’t  putting  your  millionaires not do  with  their
        money in a little savings account  money?                                 Brian:  Exactly. I know that you’re
        for  two  cents.  Pay  yourself  first                                    a  big  fan  of  diversifying  your
        for a wealthy  person  is get your   Loral:  Pay down  debt, or even      investments, and you are in some
        money to work in  a real estate      paying down cheap debt. Debt is      really hot  emerging  industries.
        project. I have my real estate team   a cost of money. Wealthy people     What hot emerging industries
        out here that you’ll get introduced   use debt smartly. If you have debt   should  people  be putting  their
        to, Flip Wall Street. Get invested   that’s at 3%, 4%, even 5% through    money on right now?
        where you can hedge out of the       real  estate  or  flip,  for  example,
        market.                              and  if  you  know  you  can  make   Loral:  At  the end  of  our article,
                                             money for 10, 15, 20%, why would
        The  biggest  three reasons why  you pay down 5% money? We’re             I want to give a link to a bunch
        people don’t get rich are they don’t  taught so poorly and most people    of free gifts, and  one  of them is
        do it inside a corporate structure,  think,  “I’ve  got  to  get  debt-free,   my  Wealth Cycle Investing book,
        they  don’t  have  any  qualified  and then I’ll learn to invest.”        which  teaches people about
        plans, and they don’t  get their                                          “Money  Rules”  in  chapter  four.
        money to work as an investment  That is totally the wrong structure.      One of the reasons people don’t
        quick  enough.  Those are usually  You make it. You start investing.      invest is because they don’t know
        the top three that wealthy people    Then after you start investing with   how.
        do immediately.                      a  cashflow,  then  you  pay  down
                                             debt. Let’s just use a $24,000 car   Start with  the  basics.  Start with
        Then the transition, Brian, from     loan as an example. Let’s say that   a note. It’s like a loan, but it’s
        making  it to keeping  it, is you    loan is for 2%.                      secured.  Start  with  some  real
        have got to get help. That team is                                        estate. Start with Flip Wall Street.
        critical, and even if it’s a personal   Instead of paying it down to have   With most people that are
        assistant, somebody  to schedule     a car, which is a depreciating asset   wealthy, their money rules are
        your appointment, somebody  to       with cheap money at 2%, put your     they  typically  don’t  loan  to their
        do your home chores. It’s critical   $24,000 to work. Call it 10%. Say    friends and family because they
        that you  stop  doing  it yourself.   you do a real estate note in the    just might as well do charity.
        Getting a web designer. Why are      first  position.  Now  you’ve  got
        you  doing  your  own  Facebook?     $2,400 a year. Divide by 12. That’s   Now as far as the emerging
        You’re no good at it. Why are you    200  extra dollars a month. You      fun  industries that are coming,
        doing your LinkedIn profile if you   preserved your $24,000 and have      hemp  is  going  to  take  the  run
        don’t know how to do it? They are    $2,400  extra per year. Use the      of  a  lifetime.  It’s  going  to  be  an
        experts. I wouldn’t do a magazine.   $200 to pay down more towards        amazing industry. Digital currency
        Why would I try to duplicate what    your car if you really want to get   is  not  a  fad.  It  is  here  to  stay.
        you already know  how to do?         your car paid  faster, but  don’t    You’ve  got  to  watch  what  you’re
        It’d be crazy. I just go to you. You   blow the $24,000.                  doing out there. I’ve been heavily
        already know how to do radio.                                             invested in cannabis now for two
        If I want to do a radio show, I’m    Wealthy people would never pay       years, so I love that space.
        going  to you. Could  I sit around   off  cheap  debt.  We  would  get
        for  three  months  and  figure  it   our money working  and using        The fastest way you’re going  to
        out? Yes. I’m smart. But I say that   cashflow.  Anybody  in  wealth      change your mindset and your
        very candidly,  Brian, because       building principles writes about it   relationship with money is you’ve
        it’s critical that people  who  are   from Buckminster Fuller to Robert   got  to  hang  out  with  us.  Money
        reading this realize that all the    Kiyosaki.                            loves speed. Money does not like
        things  they’re doing  are keeping                                        slow analysis. You say, “Yeah,

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