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Have    them     write   on   their  mind  by  constantly  thinking  in  because  they’re  optimistic  and
        letterheads     how     excellently  terms of whom you can connect.  more likely to achieve. They also
        you     performed.     Post    the   Here’s how to proceed:               tend  to be  creative, resourceful,
        commendations on your Web                                                 and  inspirational.  If  you  want  to
        site,  hang  copies  in  your  office,  Make two lists:                   increase your business  referrals,
        and  keep  them  in  a scrapbook                                          develop a connecting outlook.
        that you can show potential          List people  you  would  like  to
        customers. Insert them in your                                            Jill  Lublin  is an  international
        brochures and sales materials.       meet.                                speaker on the topics of Radical
                                             Create a plan to meet your targets.  Influence,  Publicity,  Networking,
        Your outlook                         Identify    those    who     could   Kindness    and   Referrals.   She
                                             introduce  you  to your targets or   is the  author of 4  Best Selling
        Remember back  in  school  how       people who could connect you to      books including  Get Noticed...Get
        different  personalities  emerged    them.                                Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-
        and distinguished  themselves.       List what you have in common with    author of Guerrilla Publicity and
        Every school had characters such     your targets such as common:         Networking Magic.
        as the nerd, the rocker, the jock,  Friends.
        the  babe,  and  the  brain.  Yet  the   Businesses.                      Her latest book, Profit of Kindness
        one we tend to remember most                                              went #1 in four categories. Jill
        fondly is the clown.                 Backgrounds.                         is  a  master strategist on  how  to
                                             Interests.                           position your business for more
        We all noticed the clown because     Values and beliefs.                  profitability and more visibility in
        he made us laugh. He connected       List people that you could connect   the marketplace. She is CEO of a
        with everyone through his humor,     with each other. List what they      strategic  consulting  firm  and  has
        by  making  everything  funny.       have in common:                      over 25 years experience working
        The clown could  make the most                                            with  over  100,000  people  plus
        ordinary  situation,  the  gravest   Friends.                             national and international media.
        circumstance, and  the  blandest  Businesses.
        personality absolutely  hysterical.   Backgrounds.                        Jill teaches Publicity Crash Courses
        During  the darkest moments,                                              as both live  events and live
        his  quips  broke  the  tension  and   Interests.                         webinars and consults and speaks
        lightened the mood. Humor was  Values and beliefs.                        all over the world. She also helps
        his  focus,  his  outlook,  his  forte.   Create a plan to connect those   authors to create book deals with
        His wit was what distinguished       individuals.                         major publishers and agents, and
        him and how he connected.                                                 well as obtain foreign rights deals.
                                             Connecting  is addictive.  When      Visit
        Great networkers also have a         you make a strong connection, it’s   freegift and
        special  outlook.  Like  the  clown   so satisfying that you can’t wait
        who instinctively looks for humor,   to do it again. It’s also rewarding
        networkers are programmed to         because people are grateful
        connect people. Great networkers     for  your  efforts  on  their  behalf.
        constantly try to meet new people,   Successful connections motivate;
        learn  all  about  them, and  link   they make you focus more on
        them so that they can build close,   connecting  and bringing  more
        mutually-beneficial relationships.   people together.

        Distinguish  yourself and boost      Since connectors are always trying
        your business  by developing  a      to  make matches, they  become
        connecting attitude. Be pleasant,    ‘possibility  people’.  Possibility
        friendly, and fun. People like to be   people  explore,  try, and  make
        with and do business with those      things  happen.  They push  the
        they like, not with grouches.        limits  and  don’t  immediately
                                             accept “no” for an answer.
        Train yourself to be a connector;
        develop  a  connecting  frame of     Possibility people stand out

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