Page 18 - Newsletter 2023 Vol. 7 Issue 1_
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                                                               Why would you recommend EPG to other
                                                               parents with young children?

                                                               I would recommend EPG to everyone because
                                                               I'm so pleased to choose this great environment
                                                               for my Daughter , the Staff and management
                                                               are fantastic. They clearly love their job, and
                                                               it's a great place for kids to learn and explore,
                                                               and I'm very happy with the EPG.

                                                               Parent of Laila Mourad Khaled Eldeeb
                                                               (FSL-EY02 - Rumaithiya Branch)

                                                               What did you learn from the Parent
                                                               Workshop that has helped you with your
                                                               child's development?

                                                               EPG helped my child to write and read. I would
                                                               recommend it for I am satisfied with the prog-
                                                               ress that I can see with my child and I love the
                                                               staff.  They  help  when  children  have  issues
                                                               between each other.

                                                               Parent of  Deema Mohammad Abdul Wahed
                                                               (FS1-EY08 - Mishref 1 Branch)

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