Page 17 - Newsletter 2023 Vol. 7 Issue 1_
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                                                               What do you think makes an EPG teacher


                                                               I feel that EPG teachers are observant and the
                                                               kids are attached to them. Personally, my kid
                                                               loves Ms. Rana (Arabic teacher) and his English
                                                               teacher, Ms. Love, he talks about them.

                                                               Parent of Ilavel Aathan boobala Aravinthan
                                                               (FSL - EY06 - Jabriya)

                                                              How has EPG helped your child this
                                                              academic      year?    Why      would     you
                                                              recommend EPG to other parents with
                                                              young children?

                                                              As a mother of two children studying in EPG, my
                                                              children develop more in all academic aspects
                                                              compared  to  other  schools.  They  are  more
                                                              advanced, that’s why I would recommend EPG
                                                              schools to other parents.

                                                               Parent of Manayer Mohammad Mazyad Alamer
                                                               (FS2-EY01 - Salwa Branch)

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