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                                            World Teacher’s          Health Week                 EY Bookfair

        World Teacher’s Day

        As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day, EPG takes this
        opportunity to highlight the incredible passion and
        devotion of our Teachers. This celebration gave
        moments for our children to thank and appreciate their
        teacher’s effort in contributing to their life through
        education. They are the cornerstone of children’s
        future  and  we  are  proud  of them  for  their  sel ess
        service, commitment and love of children.

        Health Week

        This week helps children get engaged, energetic and
        enthused to be healthy and active. During this activity,
        our Teachers exert effort to let our children delve in
        and  nd out for themselves about all aspects of
        healthy living. They bring items inside the classroom
        which  are  related  to  health and  wellness,  compare
        balanced  diet, healthy  teeth,  the  human  body  and
        healthy choices, exercise, sleep and much more.

        EY Bookfair

        EPG launched scheduled book fairs in branches where
        parents and children bonded over choosing  books
        suitable for their age and interests.

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