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Shout Out to Teachers:

                                                          We are  so fortunate to have a highly  quali ed and
                                                          trained team of teachers again this year. Teachers from
                                                          around the world have joined EPG in the Early Years
                                                          Department because they have a love for and passion
                                                          to teach young children.

                                                          We would love to recognise just a few teachers who
                                                          represent the many outstanding teachers who hold
                                                          your children in their care.
                                                          We cherish the love they demonstrate, the exemplary
                                                          teaching practices we have expected from them to use,
                                                          and the many ways they make learning through
                                                          purposeful play fun!

                                                          Teachers share their expertise as mentors to new
                                                          teachers, open their doors as demonstration classrooms
                                                          for Induction, and leaders within the branches, creating
                                                          innovative lessons and activities for the children to
                                                          enjoy We “tap on “teachers daily, to build a community
                                                          of learners.” Positive and collaborative communication
                                                          within a solution driven culture “, is our motto in

                                                          Parent’s Information


                                                           Once again, this year, we welcomed parents of Early
                                                           Year’s children to our annual Parents’ Information Day
                                                           on September 20th. Earlier in the month, we also
                                                           welcomed parents to the New Enrolment Parents’
                                                           Workshop on September 16th.These opportunities to
                                                           meet with parents are valued by us, as we know that

                                                           parents are the child’s “ rst teacher”.  These meetings
                                                           allow us to introduce our staff, share our exciting
                                                           upcoming events, learning experiences, visit the
                                                           classroom environments, and view the Early Years’
                                                           curriculum and resources for 2023-4. We also take
                                                           these opportunities to answer parent queries and listen
                                                           to their suggestions. Parents view our curriculum, see
                                                           the weekly  lesson   ow  and  gain  insights  into  the
                                                           differences among the age level expectations from Tiny
                                                           Tots to FS2. We see these and many other upcoming
                                                           Open Day visits as celebrations of our program as well
                                                           as  opportunities  to  share  our  pride  in  the children’s
                                                           progress throughout the year.
                                                           We hope to see you all again soon in Term 2!
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