Page 7 - Newsletter 2023 Vol. 7 Issue 1_
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Monique Human

                                              Ms. Monique is from South Africa. She has been with EPG since
                                              2017 as a teacher. She has joined the team this year to help provide
                                              guidance, resources, and  feedback to help improve  teacher’s
                                              instructional practices in the classrooms.

      Arwa Mustafa Kharnoub

      Ms. Arwa is the Lead Arabic Coordinator, she has been with EPG
      since 2019 as a teacher. She became the Lead Arabic Coordinator
      from the year 2022 up to present.  She strongly believed in the
      importance of developing the Arabic language and followed the
      best strategies to teach the Arabic language to the children in this
      age to become a good reader, make it more fun, and useful as well

      as linking it to play and discovery.

                                              Safaa Awad

                                              Ms. Safaa is an Arabic instructional coach. She has been with EPG
                                              since  2017,  she  holds  a Higher  Diploma  in  Education.  She’s
                                              committed  to  ongoing learning  and  professional  growth to  stay
                                              up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in early
                                              childhood education. She wanted to make a positive difference in
                                              the lives of EPG teachers and EPG students.

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