Page 9 - Newsletter 2023 Vol. 7 Issue 1_
P. 9

Per Section Shout Outs:

      Section 1: A huge shout out to our magni cent Pre FSL
      teacher at DM Branch, Ms. Nujoud Alsarabi, for providing
      the most interesting and engaging activities that keep  her
      children having  fun while learning.

      Section 2 : Shout out to Melicia in EY White Building,
      for producing individual poems for her students during
      star of the week presentations. It boosts their self-esteem
      and is encouraging them all to be the best they can be.

      Section  3:  Shout out to Ms Lama of the Funaitees
      Branch. Thank you Ms. Lama for allowing our new EPG
      teachers  to visit  your FSL  class during their induction
      training  at  the Early  Years  of ce.    Your  help and
      leadership has been truly appreciated!

      Section 4: We shine a spotlight on one of our exceptional
      educators, Ms. Maya from EY Qurain! Ms. Maya's
      classroom is a hub of active learning and creativity. Her
      innovative teaching methods, combined with a warm and
      nurturing environment, create the perfect setting for our
      young learners to  ourish. We applaud Ms. Maya for her
      dedication and the incredible impact she has on our
      students. Her commitment to fostering a love for learning

      is truly inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work!

      Section 5:  Shout out to Ms. Aisha - Rawda Branch
      Your creativity and innovative classroom setup have
      transformed learning into an extraordinary adventure for
      our children, during the Healthy Me Topic this month.
      Your ability to turn ordinary lessons into real-life
      experiences made learning magical. Thank you for going
      above and beyond.

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